HULK 'STACHE! - rejected - redesigned - up for scoring!

Update 2
I redesigned my rejected sub, sans mustache. Its up for voting now, check it out!

And what it became...

UPDATE - marvel rejected hulk stache. It's a sad day for mustaches everywhere . Now I need to figure out what to do with this sucker.

I'm working on a design for the Hulk contest. Any thoughts on this so far? I'm probably going to include the words HULK STACHE as an option, I know a lot of people have an aversion to tee's with text. Thanks for any help!

OH and its sort of a parody on HULK SMASH... hopefully thats obvious.

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bennyd302 said:

good point, the dude has a pretty killer stache himself.

No way! Checked your profile and you did the Caesar shirt! Haha! I found it while searching random shirts a while back, and it's such an amazing design, really well done!

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

Thanks Wolfgang! Caesar was reprinted once a while back, fingers crossed for another reprint.

melmike profile pic Alumni

Perhaps if you'd done a full beard instead of the stache, which Hulk did have for a time... Either way, it's a shame, since it seems like a lot of odd Hulk variations did end up getting through. Best of luck though!

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