so i uploaded this, i hope you guys like it. it was inspired from the "we can do it" poster, American wartime propaganda poster produced by J. Howard Miller in 1943
so keep a look out for this one and please vote :D
what do you guys think?

Watch this

HELLO, hello...

I like to start my days with a clean table. Actually there is no need to talk.Got it. If I have pissed you off that much, I will not excuse for it, but I´ll keep my loose mouth shut. Nothing to worry about anything.

My open card deck:

I am only here because I want to do 9 collabs. That´s it. You are cool. I am cool. Everyone is just a cool fonzie bear.


did hershel just go full retard?


I think its a cool idea and I love your use of purple to shade him. Overall I really like it. If I had any critique it would be that where the hulk ends and the words 'The Avengers Initiative' begins seems a little abrupt to me. Personally, I think it would look better to carry him down and have him stop with the shape of the circle. But either way, I still like it, good job. :)


taz: i´m sorry for it. I dunno...there is that saying ´once bitten twice shy´...twice fully retard could go better in my case.

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