First attempt... again!

Hi all, here's my first attempt using a combination of Photoshop and Inkscape, am still not up to speed with layers yet though so am just playing about with it to practice. It was meant to be submitted for the sports challenge but i think i was been a lil bit ambitious. May be better with just a coloured outline rather than coloured in or i wanted to use a plastic texture to give it more of a subutteo effect. Over to you guys n gals...

(Put this up yesterday but cocked it up with inserting the image so think most people ignored me for been a dufus)

Watch this

And here's the concept (again)- Slightly older UK members will remember Subbuteo, a football (soccer) board game played with little plastic figurines on stands that you took turns to push around the pitch to score goals- almost as good as FIFA hah. Anyway its based on one of the figurines breaking free from its stand with an overhead kick rather than the usual static standing pose- hence Alive and Kicking. Hope that makes sense?

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It might be difficult to get a good score or a print with something that is recognizable only to UK peeps (?), but keep working on your art and try to come up with ideas that work on an international scale. & Have fun with it!


Yeah thought that it may be a problem been mainly UK specific. Am just using it to practice with now though.


Before I read your comment, I assumed you were playing with the idea of a soccer "Cup". I'd have to agree, the concept is probably not going to be recognizable to enough people. The style and execution is nice --- I like your clean lines (though his shoulders look a bit like "Gumby")! Hope you keep submitting!

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It's a great idea. I did a very british "zombeans on toast" design once. No one in the States really got it, because their beans are different and would be horrible on toast. I'd finish it off though, I heard about a UK tee shirt site on the radio the other day, if I remember what it was I'll post it here.


Thanks guys and thanks foxy, the uk site looks mint and have joined up too!


@ quick-brown-fox I love your zombeans design btw! I have got an idea for a walking dead related design that i am trying to work with at the moment. And just out of interest do you use photoshop or illustrator?

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