I have this HUGE problem; its almost Christmas, and I haven’t bought a Christmas present to one of my brothers. He says that he wants a CD – but which one?? He also says that he likes hip hop with this rock-twist… I need help, please: anyone?

He especially likes indie rock.

Some of the bands he listens to ( the ones I can remember) :

  • why?

  • modest mouse

  • the pixies

  • the who

  • clap your hand say yeah

  • placebo

  • big bang (N)

  • Led Zeppelin

  • foo fighters

  • Franz Ferdinand
    ( damien rice

  • coldplay)

Watch this

A Day in Black and White


gym class heroes, for your rock esq hip hop
Brand New, new cd is more mellow than the others
i back Pop Unknown too




armor for sleep
we are scientists

and yeah gym class heroes is perfect for the hiphop/rock




Arctic Monkeys
The Killers
The Kooks
The Libertines

Only naming a couple...

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keep the receipt tape it to the cd


thanks folks!

he has some cds of we are scientists and armor for sleep! I couldnt find Pop Unknown here - I'll try once more. I will probably buy one cd of Gym Class Heroes, and then I'll find out the other one...


clap your hands say yeah,
the unicorns. w/e


I only know cuz we did a compilation and a small left cost tour with them a few years ago.... :) shhh


lemon, you listen to rjd2? sweet.

i agree with mathijis, tapes n tapes

but if you want the best hip hop album ever
get him deltron 3030

Apples in Stereo
The Arcade Fire
Architecture in Helsinki
Arctic Monkeys
Art Brut
Beat Happening
Bob Dylan
Beastie Boys
The Futureheads
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Tilly and the Wall
The Strokes
Shout Out Louds
Mates of State
The Streets
The Vaselines
Ima Robot

All really good stuff.
Am I helpful? :]


the streets and art brut take your list down a notch
but then the vaselines and beat happening bring it right back up

Im right your wrong

For indie, try maxiomo park, the fratellies, the futureheads but honnestly you're best bet would be the kooks, every time these guys go on tour they sell out and they've only realased one album, everyone seems to love em and they still get played constantly over in the uk despite the fact the album was out quite a long time ago now.


good call !

the kooks is buenos

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Art Brut are great.

"Formed a band, we formed a band. Look at us, we formed a band!"


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Get him General Electricks if he likes rap with a twist. Or:
EagleSeagull (the entire self-titled album is SO good)
Thom Yorke (if he likes Radiohead... this is the solo stuff)
Sunset Rubdown (if he likes Wolf Parade)
Editors (if he likes Interpol)
Enon (get Hocus Pocus, if you can even find it...)

My favorite band is The Smiths and lots of indie f
**s cover them (i.e. Death Cab For Cuties butchering of This Charming Man). If he wants to know some of today's inspirations, get him a Best Of album.

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Oh, you mentioned he likes Placebo... then get him The Smiths for sure. I think they actually have an album called The Smiths Is Dead, where they do a bunch of covers of The Smiths. If your bro's that big of a Placebo fan, he NEEDS to know WHY they would dedicate that much to one band.


Oh man, that's my exact taste, hip hop and indie rock.
I also wouldn't like Gym Class because of their association with Fall Out Boy.

If you want good ones:

The Roots- Game Theory
Mos Def+ Talib Kweli are Blackstar
Broken Social Scene- You forgot it in people

or the best one:

Sage Francis- Personal Journals

...some of those might be hard to find


how about the L-I-M-P Bizkit? they are definitely the most profound "hip hop with a rock twist" there is.


the best rap/indie rock/pop song is "Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone" by Islands (used to be The Unicorns). The rest of the songs on the album are not like that, but are all amazing. Buy it for him and he'll be your brother forever.


geriatric are you fucking kidding me?

limp bizkit is neither 'hip hop' nor 'rock'

get your shit together man.

the day limp bizkit is considered hip hop is the day that the pussycat dolls are considered 'harmonious'.


Ill tell you the best band to get him bro. Something youll enhoy also, The Notwist. Get their album "Neon Golden" and he'll be thanking you for the rest of the year. Their not really hip hop but their awesome.
If you want the hip hop indie feel you should go for something like Gym Class Heroes or The Streets. Theyre both pretty good.
Good luck and Happy Holidays!

chemi hydro


A friend of mine's little brother is the bass player for gym class heroes. I remember him letting me listen to their albums a few years ago and telling me that they are getting really well known. It's crazy that they are getting big now.

As for albums:
If he likes Modest Mouse, why not get him an album by the band that they admittingly rip off.

Built To Spill-There's Nothing Wrong With Love

one of the best rap albums, in my opinion, is
GZA-Liquid Swords


For rap/experimental shit try General Patton vs. The Executioners

chemi hydro

Jewstice- is that the Roc Raida/Rob Swift Executioners


Not sure. I don't usually listen to them. I'm in to Mike Patton though, and that was an album that he did with them.

chemi hydro

Crazy. I haven't heard this album but I know mike Patton and the Executioners are one of the top DJ's Crews.

I endorse this purchase without ever hearing it.

Also check out DELTRON 3030

you can't lose with that album

ooh lush

Arctic Monkeys
Dirty Pretty Things
Kaiser Chiefs
The Libertines
Kings of Leon
We Are Scientists
The Kooks
Maxïmo Park


Yeah, they do some really interesting and innovative stuff on there.


sage francis
aesop rock


Nightmare of You

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hip hop with a rock twist?
The Blend!- Small Group out of Minneapolis.

Their first CD, "9 to 5" is their best, if you can find it.

Also, POS, Sage Francis, Handsome boy modeling school(mix of everything), Buck 65, Saul Williams all fit that description and are all worth listening to.

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