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Dada the Cat

Because I'm so happy about my first print: Cat on Wheels

I wanted to share with you a very silly project that features that same cat, named Dada!
It was a project for an art class a little while back and I did it the night before, so it's not super fantastic, it's just silly. It's basically a very simple version of the choose your own adventure text sort of thing. Anyway, check out the silliness, and hopefully you enjoy it: Dada the Cat Story

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2 designs submitted - Score now!

lol, love it. i couldn't get enough of those type of books when i was a kid.

and congrats on the print! :D

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Super adorable and congrats on the print!

Ilya Yavnoshan
Ilya Yavnoshan profile pic Alumni

Hey everyone, huge thanks to all of you!

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congrats - i love all of it!

Ilya Yavnoshan
Ilya Yavnoshan profile pic Alumni

More thanks! I'm very happy you guy enjoyed it

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Very cool! Congrats!!

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