Last Sub before 2007 ( I guess)

It's called Moshi-Moshi.

In a sense, Moshi moshi is like an informal greeting equvilent to "hello! Can I talk to you?". In anime/manga, it is usually translated as 'Hello' when answering a telephone.

hope you enjoy :P

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Papaprime profile pic Alumni

nice, I like the ungrounded work you've been cranking out. It's a little freeing to not have to calibrate my eyes to both figure and ground when looking at your work.


ano ne? one for you! one for me!

........ sorry.. i keep remembering that jelly song ad thing :(

it is wonderful!! i love the pants and sneakers the most! :]

herky profile pic Alumni

Is that a "tengu" mask? Great illustration/design as always.

theperk profile pic Alumni

nice work. looks really good on black, too. is the title from that Brand New song?

herky profile pic Alumni

sweet, I was always amazed and intrigued by those mythological creatures and you've incorporated it into the design very nicely. :)


Pretty much all your recent subs have been stellar.

herky profile pic Alumni

thanks huebucket, the same to you.



I mean, I kind of like it.


I love the movement in this one. At the same time, it feels incredibly calming. Beautiful work.

noponies profile pic Alumni

very very nice


i think you have absolutely the most beautiful designs on threadless. i'm so grateful for a designer like you, though i haven't bought any of your shirts (yet!). i'm so sick of all the silly cartoons and everything.. i guess i'm just not into that.

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