First design! :D please give me feedback

Hi! I'm working on my first design and I'd really love some feedback,
thank you in advance!

my design:

Watch this
TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

There are really two types of designs that do really well here. One is the really clever stuff that has an amazing concept and makes people go "I need that!" and then there are the visually stunning ones that take your breath away even if there is no apparent concept beyond being nice to look at. This is neither of those. I would either start with a concept and work from there or take a look at everything that has printed and see what Threadless considers stunning enough to print.

If you work at it, great things can happen. :-)

Alex Fienemann

I like your visual style... work on the concept!


Yes, ditto on the concept. Love the style though.

MildMannered83 profile pic Alumni

Yes, I have to say that I really like the overall design, but it's not one I'd buy because I can't relate to it, nor does it stir anything particular in me. I agree with the above--great start, great style (you're obviously skilled), just work on making it relatable somehow. :-) Keep it up.


Thanks a lot for the feedbacks! :D I really appreciated.. i'll try to work more on the concept, thank you everybody. :)


It reminds me of the start of up, or the Jessie flash back in toy story 2, I thing some romance in some form would be nice, love the style though.


Do you think that this addition improves the concept? Or should I start from scratch with something stronger?

MildMannered83 profile pic Alumni

Sorry for the delayed reply here--I've forgotten to check back on my thread comments, and maybe you've already submitted this. I think the sign is a good addition. It makes your idea clearer. I really like it overall. As far as the idea of a sign pointing to "dreams", I think there might be a stronger visual concept possible...but this is good. It's nice & simple. I say good work.

AND you can always improve on an idea later. You can submit or do whatever you want with what you have, and if you come up with something better later, then add to it, or re-do it, or make something entirely new! Nice job. Keep it up!

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