TMNT design - please, help me to improve it

Watch this

it's pretty cool the way it is. I like the idea and design, but if anything maybe add a little bit more detail to the faces to make them stand out a little more. A small chin or cheek definition to finish the shape of the head or something like that. But its a good design, nice work.


I agree with the above comment! Great concept!

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni

you could use the same color of green that you used for the mouths and add some conceptual lines (similar to the size of the line underneath the mouths) coming off of the sides of their heads to further bring across the idea of the heads being present. i say this because at first i just saw the masks. also, make their eyes solid white. this will help out.

nice concept!

alessio b

Thanks for the advice, I notice that my doubts were these. I'm working to change, if you want to follow me you'll see the progress. Sorry for my english

MildMannered83 profile pic Alumni

I agree with the above. Pretty solid overall. Could the pizza shuriken perhaps be cheesier? i.e. melting cheese coming off the edges a bit? Just a thought. Good work. :-)

alessio b

Sorry for the wait, what do you think? I followed your advice. Now the picture is clearer. Can I go with the submission?

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