Geodesic: Girly Pima Pocket Tee

  • by igo2cairo
  • posted Mar 28, 2013

Geodesic: Girly Pima Pocket Tee

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Congrats!! :D


I think this would be better as a regular tee without the pocket... geodesic is such a great design and everything else just distracts from it. While I'm on the topic... does any girl really want to put a smartphone in their front t-shirt pocket? The weight of it alone would be uncomfortable and well... lopsided. :)


Very nice. I really like the print, although the fit across the chest does spoil the sphere somewhat lol. It's not as white as it looks. I really like the colour, but is definitely pale yellow not white.


Is this really a girl specific design? Is nature / geometry gender biased? And I agree to drop the pocket.


Not a fan of the pocket. Doesn't really add anything.


I want this so bad, it saddens me that it is only for le girlies. I will get one to live vicariously through my girlfriend. Also wall art, I guess.

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