Zombie Cats: Guys Board Shorts

Zombie Cats: Guys Board Shorts

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Why, oh why, is this awesome pattern only available to the menfolk? I would buy the heck out of clothing with zombie kittens if it would remotely fit me!


These are cute, but... the size info is for -chest- dimensions. And shorts isn't even an option in the narrow-by-style category on the Select page. MOAR. Cute idea! Adorable print. Hahah.


Aaaah, they are the cutest zombie kittens ever! Shame it's only for guys... Brilliant idea!!!


the size info is for -chest- dimensions. ?????????


This print is great! I wish it was on girls' clothes too...


Way too pricey but cool pattern.


Cute design, but seems like kind of a rip off of the Drop Dead swim trunks, same color, same theme of kittens and brains.


This is new I've never seen shorts on here, but there is no waist measurement for guys only chest on the "size info" kinda odd when it comes to ordering.


Girls design please!!!!


Women's running running style shorts!! Por favor! I absolutely love them, and I kinda need them!


do this for girls!!!


Pajamas, please! I sorely need these for lounging in. Or even pajama bottoms for girls. I love this design!

Neko Moon

Skirt or dress please

Cuddly Aardvark

Super awesome design. Will definitely buy once they fix the sizing info to display waist size, and NOT chest size.



Lahar profile pic Alumni

This just arrived in the mail and it's so GASH DERN KYOOT you guys.


button down shirt for women, or bathing suit? Dress? something? meow?


Girls design please! ^_^


love this print! something for the gals?! please?!

Trimm Trabb

Threadless, I find it rather disappointing that in over a year you've done nothing to change the sizing information. I would buy this in a flash if I could be sure that it would actually fit me.

roman numeral five

Again with only guys trunks :( just like Onomatopattern.

These would be awesome as leggings!! Or anything for a female! Please please please!


Does anyone have any input on how it fits? My boyfriend said he'd wear them if I got them for him, but I don't want to get them if they aren't going to fit. If anyone ordered an XL, and wouldn't mind letting us know their dimensions, that would be super cool.


Waaaaaant on some kind of girl's clothes. Dress, skirt, running shorts, gimme


I see many of you have problem with the size and maybe I could help. I bought once M size and: waist: 43 cm x2 lenght: 42 cm hips: 52 cm x2 :)


CS responded with this.

Thanks for emailing! The circumference measurement in inches for our board shorts are as follows:

Small- 32.75" Medium- 34.75" Large- 36.75" X-Large- 38.75"


i wish this was in dress or pajama form!!!


will you be restocking these???? ahhh please say yes

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