help im drowning!!

nah, not really. i know how to swim!!
hi guys, im new to all this, i am using sketchbook pro to make me designs. i dont even know if this is a program that is compatible with the way things work around here. surely i am not the only on on here without photoshop? is there a way for me to upload a shirt template with my design without having photoshop? thanks guys!
also i am trying to submit something to the ninja turtles challenge. them being my favorite cartoon heroes and turtles/tortoises being my favorite animal!
thanks guys!

Watch this

Cool, another non-photoshop user. I use Maya to do my designs. I do use photoshop, but only to assemble the layers and put in the template.

The shirt template is a WHOLE bunch of layers, so it is not really easy to load into another program. GIMP might work, I have not tried it personally. Really, the shirt is nothing more than a wrinkle image (shadows i the file), that is applied by 2 different layers using a MULTIPLY blend. There are a bunch of colors that you can turn on and off as well. That is really it, so if you have the wrinkle image, you can probably fake it in sketchbook.


GIMP, Ink Scape for free, good luck

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