One second...

Who's never been STP'd...?

Just about to place an order -- who has never gotten Street Team Points, but would like some?

Watch this

Do stp's even work anymore?


99.9% chance that anyone who says they have never received stp, has received them at some point. Just pick a random person or give them to yourself.


According to the Threadbucks thing under the Account tab, STPs still work. Unless they don't.

But we'll see -- I thought I'd just throw this out there to see if someone responded "yes" before I got tired of waiting (almost there) and just placed the order anyway...


I got some not too long ago, so I think they still work.


I don't even know what is it.


ME. I know STP's, but don't know how it works.


(S)treet (T)eam (P)oints are credits you get when someone uses your account name as part of their purchase -- credits you can use to make a purchase cheaper, while also sending STPs to someone else by using their account name in your purchase.

It used to be a thing. It's still a thing. It will be a thing.


I still haven't ordered because I can't find my Communitee coupon -- oh, the horror(!).

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just search your email for 'communitee'


Tried that, no luck. Think it got moved to the Trash and it's over a month, so it's gone gone. : (

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