Uploading photos/street team points- still exist?


Haven't been on this site for a while.

Are users not able to upload photos anymore?

You used to get points per photo- have they stopped this?


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The photo thing doesn't exist anymore but something new may be on the drawing board


yup no more uploading pics into the gallery....its gone with the old threadless website. sadly...

Hammertime jr

Im glad someone asked this! I was looking around the site for it, I have about 25 shirts and saved the pictures so i could get credit later, and now I need to reorder a shirt that ripped! I guess Ill just have to buy the shirt :(


I think they have to put Streets Points again! It was so nice and funny! And cheap, too :D


Oh my goodness yes, please!!


I haven't purchased on this site since 2009 apparently, but I just bought a shirt today and to my surprise had $3 in street team points available! Sad they don't have them around anymore :(


:)) I found some $13.50 credits from Street Team waiting around for me :)) totally forgot about those credits... glad they are still valid after almost 2 years...

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lxromero said:

You can still tag your pictures on social media using #threadless and we check those out, particularly instagram



How did you get those points? I can't find the upload link or any of my old photos that I posted before. I hope they bring it back, because it was a great way to look around the threadless community and get to know others and see how t's look on us regular old folks.


Please bring back Street Team points, Threadless! :(

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