My Mickey Process Illustration

Mickey Process

Here's a quick process done for my Mickey Mouse Challenge.
Hope you like it. Drop some comments or question, I would really appreciate it.

Have a nice day.


I did grab some references making this Illustration since It was more than a decade when I last drew Mickey.

Vote for Mickey =)

Fun In colors

Other Sub:

Have a nice day.

Watch this

Thanks for sharing the process! Great work! Just gave a 5! Good luck!


Very nice! 5!


looks great!

azrhon profile pic Alumni

Thank you so much guys....

@Digsy...Yeah, I kinda like the vintage style. That's my own preference when it comes to colors. Thank you.


really cool to see the process!



Great stuff! I like all your work. Excellent. I particularly like drawings 2 and 3 the best. I would like to see these drawings on shirts.

I am also glad to see your process.

Good Luck!


Ham Eye Am

I love the whole concept with the watercolors. Its original and follows the theme perfectly. I'm also a big fan of seeing how people work, so thank you.

azrhon profile pic Alumni

Thank you @HamEyeAm, I'll try to post more process of my illustrations soon.


Wow, your art is incredible. I have your gravity design shirt on right now, what are the odds! I didn't know it was you!

azrhon profile pic Alumni

Thanks you so much @dotted_line. Really appreciate it man for appreciating art. Thank you also for grabbing that gravity shirt =).


pretty sweet.


This is a cool design. I love being able to see the design process, its very interesting. I just voted your design a 5 and commented. I hope it does well, it looks like you have spent a great deal of time on it.

Could you please vote on my design if you have the time, thanks.

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