Do I have any chances here with my drawing style ?

Hey people :)
I started to submit my designs here about a year ago ... But still it is difficult for me to understand how the design is picked for printing. I mean, average score, comments, bla bla bla. But seriously?
The thing is, I love designing prints for t-shirts, however I think I am out of the style of threadless and just wasting my time here...
What do you think? Need your opinions.
Here are my past sumbissions

Watch this

Yeah, your quality is good, just keep drawing till you drop, and then draw some more! I'm sure you have the talent to get printed.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I like your style, I think your designs need to be a bit more concept driven though. And I can relate to the feeling of frustration, sometimes it makes you want to flip a table and give a good graaahhhhhrrgggg! Just keep doing what you love to do.

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Dang your stuff is great!!! Just have some patience, it took me 11 goes before i got my print. Keep working on ideas and soon you will hit the jackpot for sure, if your stuck on ideas then collab with someone who has got ideas streaming out of them, Solyo ( sorry if i spelt that wrong ) seems to have an endless line of collabs going as he is an ideas man.

Keep your head up

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i think your style is fine. a couple of your designs are great and a couple are a bit halfassed, but if you happen to stumble on the perfect idea one of these days there's no reason you won't get a print. That "neighbours" one is just the kind of thing i'd expect to get printed.


Thank you for your opinions!!! I agree,maybe I need to work more on the concepts of design...Thats true, it is always great when there is a good idea . .

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as it was said, you have everything that you need, now find perfect idea and have some luck.

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"Good Music" was pretty good and it got a decent score too. Good typography, good colors, good layout. Designs that are so wordy often have trouble getting a good score but that one did well. Also, Threadless loves beatboxes.


Wow, we have sameness. I often confused regarding the style and details.

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