Do you take care of your neighbours? :)

Hey everyone,
I continue drawing things as I really want to improve in t-shirt design and probably get my work printed by Threadless one day :)

I want to share my latest design here:)
Its a funny phrase creating by hand-drawing, lettering and photoshop as a last tool, of course.
Hope you like it and I would much appreciate if you can write your opinion about it:)
Comments, critics, votes are very welcome :)

Thank you!

Watch this

I really like this design, i've already given it a 5! Great work


love it!! you got my vote!!!


I've always hated that subjective 'good'/'bad' music - each to their own imo! But that aside I really love the font you've created, and it did make me smile :) I'll be scoring highly!


Hey everyone! I worked once more for the same idea trying to improve it. Plz, check it out here. Votes & comments & critics are appreciated!!! :)

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Nice lettering and color choice. Hope you stick around and take part in the community. They can be really helpful in terms of giving feedback and improving your designs.

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