I'm a young artist wanting your advice :)

Hi I'm a very young artist and self taught graphic designer! I've struggled finding my style in the past few years, but just posted a new design and would like your thought to help me grow. Check it out: http://www.threadless.com/threadless/le-ver-et-la-pomme/ ...it is in French (because who doesn't love a French worm?!) and the speech bubble reads "how's it going?" (You can thank me for providing this knowledge so you don't have to resort to google translate). If you're really curious, the title of the design is The Worm and the Apple. Sounds like a kids' book or something. But look deeply into the worm's eyes and you will soon realize that it propably shouldn't be a kids item. Kids know to much. What am I talking about.
Anyway, I shall tell you a bit how I created this graphic. 1) pencil & paper (and good eraser). I sketched it out while lying in bed with my cat. The cat part may or may not be true or false. 2) scanned it on my computer & traced it with Inkscape (don't you adobe people judge me!). 3) color with photoshop cs2. Yes, cs2. This is because gimp isn't as powerful as I would like, and cs2 is free. Thank you adobe!!! Who freaking needs content aware and all that fancy program garb. Jeez. 4) shadows, again in cs2. I just used used a low opacity on a soft brush because I couldn't get my half tones to look right. Ugh. 5) texture. Yay! 6) text. But that was easy.

So, tell me how much you love or hate or Luke-warm it, maybe some tips. Thank you --valerie

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That's a good graphic! You have a good handle of your programs and process for a "young artist". It doesn't really matter what programs or stuff you use. What matters is how you use it. I don't know what Inkscape is, but from the look of your design, you got a good handle of line weight and control. That's more important than the program you use to ink things. And about adobe, I've used it since CS3, and honestly, all I use are like 2 features. 3 if I'm daring.

With good designs, you just have to come up with images that people would like. It can take a while to get a handle on that, and sometimes it can be a struggle to find how you can make your personal stamp on things while being overall accessible. Personally, your sub is not something I would wear, but it's drawn well enough that I wouldn't vote low on it.

And about style, that's a hard thing to think about, so it's best to leave it well enough alone. Just keep making things and a "style" will come out of it. I get bored of how my stuff looks a day after I get comfortable with it. But trying to find something could keep you from actually doing things. Completing stuff is more important and could be a better way to figure out what directions you want your art to go.

Hope that helps. Keep subbing!

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Thank you so much! That is really helpful & encouraging! :)

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