Does anyone know how to create this effect?

I really like this effect that some artists on here have been using. It's like a bunch of tiny tiny dots, but not a halftone. For example:

Gumbolimbo's design:

Joaolauro's design:

You can see it in the background of both designs. Any ideas?

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I assume you could use a dotted brush and put a rotation or jitter in it and fill in the bg as you want it. Maybe even use the same brush as an eraser to fix it up and add to the dotty effect. :)

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I'd probly use a giant 100% soft brush and draw in a big blurry area, ..then effect it, ..maybe even go with a dissolve layer, flatten vector trace combo etc. ..i may try it when i'm home.

mike bautista
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I dunno how everyone else does it, but the way I do it is through brushes.

There's some really great sets you can download for free here.

I don't use a lot of fancy pants brushes, but those are some that I do use.


i'd go with custom brushes....dissolve layers tend to look better than they actually are and the dots are often so small and so close they would just print as a solid color

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Those brushes mike posted are the ones - a really good set that should do what you're looking for

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it's just a free custom brushes and you can practice with it in to attain the clean grainy thing.. in deviant art site there are many free brushes like that.monotone color is important to achieve that exact effect

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