How do I make my designs perfect

Hello Readers I am wondering how do you make your design perfect ,what pens and pencils do you use, what are some things on photo shop that make your design look better and stuff like that. Please Help, Thanks

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Aji ontowiryo

use your mustache and some ink, it'll make a perfect design.

kidding man lol :D its not about all tools, its about using your creativity and skills.

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I think you need to be a little specific if you want some good answers. Post some examples of work that you like or a technique you want to try out and I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction.


I think i am going to go with Micron Pens


Although my work is far from perfect, I use Sakura micron pens, a couple of staedtler liner pens. A mechanical pencil. Also photoshop and I'm now playing with Illustrator a bit. Check out these tutorials here

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Use whatever you pens or pencils you like and whatever technics you prefer. But just keep doing untill it look great, no need to be perfect.

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