Polka Dots: Girly 3/4-Sleeve Dolman

Polka Dots: Girly 3/4-Sleeve Dolman

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Medium girly reprint please!! Love this design so much :)


Hey #threadless... You forgot to spell-check "lavender."

Also, cute idea and cute little fellas.


I am sorry but this model is not the best choice for Select. She has a bit "manly" body, it's okay with most tees, but not the feminine elegant select collection.


Ignore Tatyana's opinion: not all girls are tiny, slender reeds. This model is pretty true to how the shirt fit on me. I usually wear a women's size 10 and got a large. The uneven hem is interesting and flattering. I usually push my long sleeved shirts up to my elbows, so the three quarter sleeves were nice. I have broad shoulders and use weights when I work out, but the sleeves fit perfectly.

I received this shirt by mistake, but it's a pretty neat illusion: polka dots from afar, but up close, fat, merry men and women dancing and playing music. I do like how the outlined figurines make the dots lighter, less overwhelming than a full stop. Polka dot patterns are normally very unflattering on my small-bust, stocky figure, but this one worked.


@tatyana - I have a manly shape body. I actually like models with different of body shapes. We ain't barbie dolls.

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