OH I knew it!

  • by bhoomika
  • posted Dec 18, 2006

w Threadless you were going to reprint this right after the sale! When I have already ordered tons of shirts... and now this.. ugh!

Can someone please get me some STP...let me know that you have and I'll return the favor.


Watch this

i have plenty. but not for you!


urgghh! im feeling the same too haha.


this is exactly how i feel. lame.


I'm so upset, why couldn't it have been printed during the sale??? I'm buying it anyway.


This was one of the shirts I was gunning for for a reprint!

I still bought it because it's so amazing, but, C'MON.


I know...I feel the same way. I'll have to wait for a miraculous 2nd reprint, if anything. This'll be the 2nd time I missed it! I think the first time was during a sale, when it sold out too fast.


I've wanted this shirt since forever, and I think I'm going to have to pass on it now. Not fair.


This really frustrates me, as 1) I now have no money or STP, as I used both up on my last order during the sale and 2) this happens to be my second favorite shirt of all time (second only to Biblical Disaster). :(


My favourite shirt. Five Dollars more!!!


I wouldnt worry too much about this selling out so soon. There was just a big sale, so a lot of people are in the same situation. Just dont forget about it and keep checking up on it. Im sure it will still be in stock next week... At least thats what im hoping for.


dang, i agree! i'm pissed that this t-shirt got re-printed after the sale!


cheap bastards!! lol, just kidding, i'm mad too

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

No matter what they reprinted there was always going to be a bunch of people wishing it had of been the week before...


this is one of my favourite shirts! i wouldn't have bought lost a wheel if this was reprinted a week ago.


ARGH. why why why after the sale? I think I'm gonna buy this shirt through street points. Btw, how long does it take to get street points after sending in your photographs?

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people are so amazingly cheap.


Yes I am cheap, so get me STP so I could buy this shirt.
Btw, I looked at your profile and it's WHOSE not Who's

"Peoples who's accounts I want to visit without going through blogs:"


the shirts are less then $20.......that is crazy cheap.....why is everyone so broke.........Christmas? Crappy paying jobs? Crack habits? Really... try finding a wicked $17 dollar shirt in the stores......Yes, the shirts were $10.00 last week, but I really can't believe that people are complaining about having to spend $5.00 or $7.00 more. Five dollars!!! I'm sure that money can be found under your couch cushions...... Dig around people.....Life isn't fair.........boo hoo......Maybe you'll see me aroung town wearing my new shirt....it will be the one I paid $17.00 for.........


First of, nobody is complaining. It's just that we all were waiting for this shirt to be reprinted and it got reprinted after the sale. Second, I m not acting cheap... I have just bought like 5 shirts plus some for family and friends. And I regret buying couple when I could have bought this one.

Again I say, if you are going to order it .. why not give STP to someone..

It's simple... I don't know why people are pretty rude on threadless blogs.


yeah i'm pissed this wasn't reprinted until after the sale


i've been waiting patiently for this :)


Man oh Man this was my favorite shirt ever but it sold out before i could buy it i need to get my STP's together. Hey guys when all our shirts come in from the sale we could take some pics and get a bazillion STPs oh yeah!!!


Being honest is different then being rude. Some people are more sensitive then others, I suppose.......As awesome as Threadless is, they are still a business. 30 days of 10 dollar shirts and still people complain. That is all I am saying........Lots of people complaining......I'm sure you got super wicked shirts........so you miss out on getting this one cheaper, then the others........worse things happen to better people....count your blessing that you can afford 5 shirts.....millions of people around the world cannot.

Merry Christmas to all the Threadless kiddies!!


I want to buy this and will STP you.


okay, I just checked out. let me know if it worked; this is the first time I've tried doing this.


Thanks! BeforeSunrise
WHen I ll buy any shirt - your favor will be returned.


thanks and you're welcome. I'm glad to know it worked!

Ms Penny Lane

i just got mine today... it's sooooooooo awesome!! just buy it... who cares. but you're a girl and the girls t-shirts cost more than the guys.... i posted a blog about it.. and it's because we're printed on aa and boys are on fotl. psh posh.

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