Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

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I'm confused, do they have to get permission from the copyright holders or what? Its gorgeous but I'm not sure how they are allowed to do this.

Not a DrWho fan, but i directed BatB and i HAVE to have this!


Want! Come on payday!!! ;-)


Love this design, but it would really look so much nicer if it had the original artwork colors.


@luckyboi317. Karen Hallion discusses this in her facebook notes. "How do you draw copyrighted characters without getting sued?" A lot of my work is licensed, through We Love Fine (Lucas, Marvel, Cartoon Network, Hasbro), and through Threadless(Disney). Other work falls under Parody/Fair Use.

Totally agree that this shade of green kills the design. Pastel green or even a pastel orange like the original design.


I get comments on this shirt every time I wear it. Something about seeing the Dr. and Belle together just rocks a lot of boats!


I bought this and love it - totally cute and people talk about it whenever I wear it. It is a Kelly Green, but makes the design pop out in person.


Agree with everyone else. The green is not something you can wear without looking crazy.


I wonder if this is the same artist that did the little mermaid one or who "copied" who on the whole Dr Who / Disney Princess shirt idea...


I want to get this shirt for my kiddo SO BAD, BUT... the color is horrible! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put it on Black or light blue or anything but kelly, yellow or orange, PLEASE!!!!


I waited so long and I finally got to order this! I am so excited!!


This is a cool idea! It'd be neat if it inspired some fanfiction, too!


I LOVE this design! It makes me happy every time I wear the shirt.


Could I get this in the cream colored shirt?


Love it so much! Can't wait for it to arrive!


I have no idea which one is Kelly and which one is Clover.
Why doesn't it say somewhere which is which?


the original idea artist-like


I don't understand why the cross-over is Belle and Doctor Who, wouldn't Dorothy from Wizard of Oz with Doctor Who have made more sense? Just my opinion. Still a good design


I assumed this was Alice in Wonderland, based on the dress.


Sweet baby j.! A different color than green please! Best design out there on worst .. Never gonna make me wear it color!


I thought it was Alice in Wonderland at first look, too!!


reprint please! women's sizes are all out! :-(


Yeah! It's most definetly Alice who's about to go down the rabbit hole on an awesome adventure with The Doctor.

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