Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

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This is so perfect for my friend Liz! It's even on green, her favorite color!


This is so perfect for my friend Liz! It's even on green, her favorite color!


Reprint girly 2XL please!!!!!


First Cinderella and now Belle. The Doctor gets around!


This is AMAZING. Any chance it will also be available as a poster or an 8x10? I'd love to frame this on my wall!


favorite princess, favorite doctor, and on my favorite color. how could this get any better?




i love all of Karen Hallion's work! There are a series of these if you're interested.


What a lovely green!


I got e-mailed about this being printed sixteen hours ago, my size is already sold out! Pretty please reprint M girly- really, please, I have been waiting for this one to be printed for SO LONG.


ohmygosh. my favorite tv show, (more like obsession), my Favorite princess (i know every line in the movie) and its just awesome. and even with a discount i am .96 cents short. reallllly:( lol btw you are an amazing artist:)


Holy goodness, please reprint in girly small. Please. Do this for the people.

Alan Smithee

could have been bill & teds phone booth this time ;)


They have to make this into a movie!


I need to amass all of these Disney-Doctor Mash-ups, love this one!


I love it! I love the movie and The Dr! And Belle would be The Dr's perfect sidekick! :) It would be great to have it in girly boatneck tho!


Love the combination of Disney and Dr.


thats extreemly creative


There were 39 mediums left when I hit the page, and five solid minutes of trying to add one to my cart and hitting refresh, they're all gone?

The design is the best thing I've ever seen on this site, but now I'm tearing my hair out. Please print more girly mediums!


I agree with Damiane- I was trying to add this to my cart, and there were over 30 left- it wouldn't add, instead my cart added hundreds to the quantity of another shirt I was buying... please please please, more girly mediums, I'm going crazy trying to buy this!


Love this one! It fits well and is in a lovely bright green. Plus, it's a Doctor Who / Disney Princess crossover - can't go wrong with that!


Please reprint this in girly medium, I've had my eye on this shirt since it was first printed! when I saw the e-mail about the $10 tee sale I was super excited this shirt was included, however it's now sold out :( I was planing on scouring the site for a few more tees to order but this is the shirt I really want to get.


I love this! I was so glad to see this design on a shirt. Please, please reprint more in girly small and medium! It said there were some smalls left, but when I tried to add one to my cart, it wouldn't show up.


please please please more girl-smalls?


This is the best design I have ever seen on this site. Thank you so much for the reprints!


two of my favorite stories :)


Does anyone know what the fitting's like? Are they true to size or do they run small?


Does anyone know what the fitting's like? Are they true to size or do they run small?


The shirts run typically true to size. They do shrink a bit if you wash them and throw them into the dryer. I get a size S, even though XS would fit much better on me, but once I wash a shirt and throw into the dryer, it fits much better. Hope this helps.


I started watching Doctor Who recently because of this shirt design! Thank you, Threadless!


Amazing. I agree, this is the best idea ever. i would soooo watch that episode.


It does help, renny_kecko...thank you so much! :) Was torn between and medium and a large...ordered a large in the end just in case.


I love this design, I do, but the color...well, it's an awful LOT of green. Can you please offer it in any other color? Preferably one less bright? I desperately want to give you money for it. Thanks.


I, too, would love to buy this shirt... in a different color. The green is nice, but there's just too much of it. In my humble opinion, a light blue would be perfect to provide a little more contrast for all the detail work in this scene.


Love love love the design, but can it be made in a scoop/boat neck please? :)


I agree with Eydis - please offer this in a scoop neck for the girlies! (I can't stand the feeling of a collar on my neck, and my ample bosom makes the shirt ride up higher than it's supposed to) I would not mind paying more if I had a shirt that is cut to fit the female body.

I also agree with Nocteris - that is way too much green - a powder blue, a super light green or perhaps a dark charcoal or navy would look awesome and make it pop even more.


Please please PLEEEAASE print this one in a different color. I have the whole Tardis/Princess collection except this one as the green just kills the design and is rather blinding. I agree with the charcoal/blue/navy suggestions.


Please reprint in a guys 2xl but in light blue!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this DESGIN!!!!!!


I would love this but the green is atrocious.... can you reprint in a different colour?


My daughter really wanted this T but you don't do it in kids' sizes :-(


Love the design, but maybe in a more lighter color which makes the flowers stand out more

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