a design of mine was declined...

So I entered, or well tried to enter, the recent ASG guitar & tee contest. My entry was declined with a vague "it could be better." And now I can't re-submit because the contest is over...

I spent 3 days working on it and I just don't understand what was so wrong that it wasn't even given a chance to be voted on. I've seen several designs, for several different contests, get put up for vote on here that looked like they took 10 minutes to make or that they had little to not concept behind them...

I just don't get it...

Confused & Annoyed

my ASG design - http://patrucca.deviantart.com/art/BairGuitar-354308910

Watch this
Morkki profile pic Alumni

I'm confused too. Why are the bears drawn in completely opposite styles? The big bear head looks like it was scribbled in 5 minutes.

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

I would suggest to drop the big head bear, but the bear holding the guitar looks like an awesome style to me. I imagine it would have a better chance of being accepted with just the one bear holding the guitar.

digsy profile pic Alumni

They are two very different styles and the bears head needs a lot more work I think - its quite scribbley and the colours shock a bit, especially the white. I would focus on one image and one style and work on developing that more in the future. Also, it doesn't look like you included and mock ups on a guitar or shirt which may been a factor in it being declined too.


I like the bear with the guitar, perhaps bring his right paw (left to us) out a bit just so he is in proportion to the rest of his body. But you do need to put the design onto some T-shirt/Guitar templates so people can see how they look. Also I agree you should scrap the big bear head because it doesn't look connected in any way, it looks like a rough draft. I really love the fur on the bear though and the expression, just put him on some T-shirt Templates and enter him in the open catagory :)

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Even the bear with the guitar is quite clearly a guitar and a bear traced separately. They look disjointed. As for the large child's drawing bear head, thats not very surprising. Wasn't the ASG guitar context ages ago?

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