Is Threadless becoming unvisitable? Spam gone, yay!

i goes away for a few days and upon each return one is faced with a new technical calamity! Case in point this endless sh*t stream of spam that continues unabated...

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the czar

That didn't last long

lugepuar profile pic Alumni

Spam has begun :S

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Someone just deleted all the spammers again. Thank you! Fighting spammers is really an uphill battle... Captchas are already useless since bots can solve them faster than humans.


Now these silly football live streaming spam strikes..gah!!


this is getting really frustrating... they're back again...


imma go hide til they are gone

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

Spam. Bots. The dark magic of the tinterweb scares me! It seems to be all gone now though so well done Threadstaff. I salute you!


Yep they were hitting us pretty hard last night and throughout the morning today. We gave them the big fuck you and let's hope they don't come back. If they do though, we'll be back with swords and stuff.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

haha adam


threadless to tech team:

Ummm... I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come in tomooorrow, so if you could be here around... 9:00, that would be greeeat. Mkay? Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Uhhh... I'm also gonna need you to go ahead and come in, on Sunday, too, k? We, um... Lost some people this week, and, uh... We need to sort of play catch-up. Thaaaanks. :/

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