Hits and misses 2013. My Threadless year

So, another year at Threadless almost passed. This became my most productive year with 37 designs.
Feels like I am still searching for my style (if you found it, please let me know!) but I think that I this year learned to work faster and somehow feel what kind of concepts will get a decent score.

Here are a short list of my 2013

Highest score: 3.55

Comment: I guess this Twitter thing is quite popular or?

Lowest score: 2.21

Comment: Have to learn to draw superheroes better.

Personal favourite:

Comment: Fun to make and got a nice score.

Longest time to finish:

Comment: The most hand made (real pen and paper) design I have done so far.

Shortest time to finish:

Comment: My wife came with the idea, I did the drawing and subbed it. Done in 40 minutes.

Have a great end of the year and see you all in the brand new 2014!

Finished scoring

Score: 2.42

Score: 2.51

Score: 2.91

Score: 3.09

Score: 3.02

Score: 3.05

Score: 2.96

Score: 2.79

Score: 2.81

Score: 2.56

Score: 2.84

Score: 2.21

Score: 3.55

Score: 3.08

Score: 3.32

Score: 3.39

Score: 3.24

Score: 3.34

Score: 2.91

Score: 2.43

Score: 3.06

Score: 2.94

Score: 2.74

Score: 2.92

Score: 2.95

Score: 2.97

Score: 2.60

Score: 3.18

Score: 2.62

Score: 2.53

Score: 3.32

Score: 3.01

Score: 2.67

Score: 2.70

Score: 3.11

Score: 3.32

Score. 2.85

Score: 3.06

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Goto75 profile pic Alumni

Thanks! Just mailed Jeff about what happened to the second one (the one with the shield).

Goto75 profile pic Alumni

^ Ended with a score of 3.32, 121 fives and 58 ones.

Thanks everybody for one of my highest score!

Goto75 profile pic Alumni

Thanks Mr Crane :)

And thanks Goliath (but I think all hope is out for that one)!

Goto75 profile pic Alumni

Another year passed (almost) at Thredless. This was my year. How was your year?


Well done, Goto75, I love the diversity between designs. Good luck next year!

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