Yay!! Trip to the U.S.A.!!

So here's the fact: in April I'll lead my personal rebellion against university classes and I'll come for a trip in the U.S.A. with some friends!

So any advice, tips, events, warnings, thing to see and whatsoever?
Every hint from practical to nonsense is gladly accepted.

This is our planning:
- 1>5 April: Miami, Florida
- 5>7 April: Jacksonville, Florida (springing the blues festival)
- 9>11 April: New Orleans, Louisiana
- 12>14 April: Austin, Texas
- 15>16 April: Memphis, Tennessee
- 16>18 April: Nashville, Tennessee
- 18>20 April: Chicago, Illinois

Thank you in advance

P.S.: suggestions on music-related places and stuff are very welcome.

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Oh nice

Not familiar with any of those places except Chicago :P

Definitely stop by the Threadless Warehouse ;)


I think I'll take the chance to buy a couple of tees too. You know, no shipping fees, if we not consider the price of my flight!


I can make suggestions between New Orleans and Austin though you're stretching your time out very thin...

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Miami has a pretty awesome local music scene, but you'd probably have to hit someone up form there in the know. I've been there twice and have had the luck of knowing someone who could take me to local shows.

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Nashville has a great music scene (not all country music!), which is mainly on Broadway and Five Points which has some small music venues. Then there's the Frist (art exhibit), which I've been to a couple of times and have really enjoyed and the Parthenon is a must! The park is really nice and you can go in and see the Athena statue if it's open. It's a great city. :-) Be prepared to see some killer mullets if you walk around at night time on Broadway.


Woha, I forgot about this thread and thought it was buried under thousands of critiques/spam, which pretty is now, but I didn't see the last comments.

Thanks a lot to everybody for the advice, still a month to go. Next thing to do: travel/health insurance, you american people have a strange way to deal with health care stuff


@craquehaus feel free to throw in your suggestions. I know, we have a strict schedule, I personally would have spent more time in austin/nashville/chicago than miami and jacksonville (beach is not among my favourite surroundings to be in), but my mates wanted to stay in jacksonville for the springing the blues fest and we ended up with too much nights spent in miami..

xiv said:

Miami is so bloody expensive.

Dang, that's no good news, but well, compared to all the travel/insurance/rental expenses it won't be so bad I think. We'll go searching for the cheap, and also, euro/dollar change is on my side (for now) :D

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When you are in Chicago try to spend some time in the neighborhoods and not just downtown. Depending on what you're into, each neighborhood can offer you something different!

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What kind of music related places are you talking about? To see or buy?

uncannyxjen said:

What kind of music related places are you talking about? To see or buy?

See and listen, pubs, places and stuff like that. We like blues, country, rock'n'roll. Oh well, at least three of us, the fourth is a disco/house type, but the majority has the power!


In Austin, you need to go get some BBQ. Try Rudy's!

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jealous! have fun!

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