Mya is the LOVLIEST Santa <3

So I got this super heavy box in the mail from the lovely Miss Mya...and I was really excited!

I opened it up and was totally blown away!! I pulled out book after book, each one so very lovely!

What's funny is after I opened them I was sitting on the couch and I started touching the cover of this one and I even told my boyfriend, "this one feels so cool on my fingers". Then I opened it up and read this!

It's got some really amazing illustrations...I can't wait to read it!

There was also a pretty little bird mobile, which I can only assume is SUPER fancy because of all the fancy french words ;)

There were also these very cool and very dainty origami earrings!



Thank you so very much, Mya. You gift was so thoughtful and so lovely!!
Just like you!

Watch this

Yay, more Santa-ing!

Those books look so pretty/interesting.


ahhh anders nilsen is the best


Those books are classy as f*ck.



Yay, Mya!! :{D

Mya Jamila


DeeAnn, they're a couple of my/our (my co-workers and my) favourites right now. Other than Big Questions that is, that's all me.

Becca, I got to see and meet him when he came to town for the release of Big Questions. It was super interesting to hear him talk about his process, etc. And my copy is signed. :)

I'm awfully sorry it's so late Nicole but I'm happy you like everything! Please let me know what you think of the books! X


Those books look like the sort of books I would enjoy...


Those are definitely some good YA book choices! I'm intrigued by Big Questions and might have to check it out myself. I'm happy that two of my favorite secret santa people sent and received this great package! :)

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