My Wife and I have been adopted by a

So my very beloved cat Cardigan passed away right after thanksgiving.... =\ rip buddy

For any number of reasons we were not going to get any more pets currently, I had started to like not having to get up early to feed cats or let cats in / out of the bedroom whatever..

then after a month of Cardigan being gone this rather gigantic girl cat, who has slept in my Garage very frequently for the last year ..barged in my house and made herself to home... So far I have had no luck trying to find anyone that owns her, and she has no microchip... she has been living in my house for over 2 weeks now...

not 100% her actual owners may yet be found... i don't know she was clearly being fed but she was always outside...not sure if someone moved and left her...and others have been feeding her..or what..but it sure appears she is my cat now... she is right about 22lbs.. and is a huge bed hog..I keep waking up pushed to the side of my bed while this cat make herself very comfy in our bed indeed.

she has a very nasty habit of biting however ..and has the sharpest claws / teeth i have ever seen on a cat... but she also has been quite fond of curly up on my wife or my lap and in general has been very nice.

meh.. wasn't looking to have pets right now..but I guess it is very ok with me if she is our cat now..she certainly seems think we belong to her now.

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Hopefully once she gets comfortable enough with you, you can trim those nails for her. Is there any way to effectively discipline cats? Doesn't seem like there would be.... She's very pretty. Looks like she decided you needed a cat. Also, sorry to hear about Cardigan. Hopefully that wasn't too painful of an ordeal for the poor kitty.



22 lbs? yikes. That's twice the size of my dog.

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Aww she looks like she's made herself at home for sure. :) you never know with outdoor cats. More than likely she was abandoned at some point to develop the biting habit. But to like to be indoors and sit on your laps she probably was someone's at some point.


she is a pretty cat

she is also a very big cat... i have hardly ever seen a cat as big as she is..she isn't fat really she is just really really big.. she is well over 2x times as heavy as my cat who passed ever was..

she would have had to be very tough to have been surviving outside all the time here..there are raccoons and many other cats ...I have even seen a coyote at the end of my driveway once and there are hawks and stuff...

unfortunately many cats have not made it around here being outside at night but this one i know for a fact has been roaming around day and night for quite awhile... she clearly has very alert senses and will react very quickly to any threat..

however she is really quite a love bug with my wife and i and likes very much to climb up on my chest in bed... which is fine..but 20 some pounds of cat sitting on your chest can be a bit much after awhile..

the other day i saw her just fly up a tree chasing a crow...not sure most cats would thing a crow was something they could catch but she seemed to thing she could handle it... she went from the ground to 25ft up a tree in the wink of an eye..

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Cats are wonderful. RIP Cardigan. This new cat sounds like she can definitely hold her own.


New cat seems so cool (besides the biting).

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She sounds like she could be a guard cat. Get some 'beware of the cat' signs put up.


Wiiiii Congrats a new member in your family. What abou her name? Have you thought about it?


22 lbs???!!! Holy! And I thought my kitty was huge at 12! lol

I am glad she adopted you guys :) yay for love bugs!


are you sure she is a she? and not a neutered HE? i thought most orange and white cats are male? and the fact that she/he is bitey, seems suspect. haha my male cat likes to give love bites!

anyway, congrats! what are you going to name it? something ambiguous? ;)


hey yeah this cat is just the biggest cat.... she is very strong .. she can about push you over when you headbutts you if you bend down to pet her...

very kewl cat...biting not withstanding

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Well it is definitely possible. I had an outdoor kitty when I was little who was a huge bad-ass but still very sweet and cuddly with people.

Her name was Itty-Bitty and she was like 23lbs of massive Maine Coon Cat. We also lived way out in the country and had moutain lions, bobcats, coyotes, bears, foxes, raccoon, etc. She was a total guard cat. I remember seeing her go after raccoons & bears because they got too close to "her" porch. She lived to be something like 25yrs old too. Some cats are just like that.

But I'm glad you like her and she likes you guys :) I'm guessing your wife is happy with the new cat too? hehe

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