Bring old T-shirts back.

I've just answered the Threadless survey they've sent via email.

I thought I had to share the comment I sent them. Feel free to comment about it.

"Thanks for submitting this survey, it's like you read my mind.
I was thinking yesterday about this topic.
I'm a really big fan of Threadless. An old one.
I'm from Brazil and my first Threadless T-shirt is the one with ET inside a phone booth.
I bought it in 2006 when I was in an exchange program living in Pittsburgh.
At the time Threadless was starting to grow and very few people knew about it in Brazil.
I thought Threadless was so cool I had a sticker of its logo on my car at the time.
Today Threadless is a big hit, even in Brazil, and I think this is cool, BUT....
I wore my 2006 T-shirt this weekend.
It's tough, well made, thick fabric, high quality print. It feels like I bought it last month although it's 6 years old and it fits great in my body (I wear Medium).
I think it was a Fruit of the Loom T-shirt.
Now I compare to my recent purchases, from 2011 or 2012.
They are CRAP.
Thin fabric, lose threads, bad prints that wear out with time/washes and awful fit.
The Medium now fits like large old pajamas.
The result: I stopped buying from Threadless. I want to buy from you guys, but it's frustrating, infuriating to see what have you done to your product.
Please note this is a true opinion from the bottom of my heart.
I hope you listen to it.

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When Threadless stopped using American Apparel the quality went downhill. But in early 2012 Threadless got rid of the tees with inconsistent quality. Last year they introduced the new Threadless brand tees, check them out. All new tees are now printed on them and I like them, the fit is similar to AA and the fabric is soft. Yeah it's a little thinner than FotL for example but personally I always thought they were too thick to be comfortable.


Well, i've tried the new Threadless tee that morkki linked above and it fits perfectly for me (i wear a small), and has the right thickness for a tee. Washed few times and it's still perfect, i think it can last for a long time.

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They should bring back the old site and the old tees make everybody happy.


they should bring back magnum PI

uncannyxjen profile pic Alumni

littlem - AGREED

uncannyxjen said:

littlem - AGREED

yeah, baby! *rumpbumps


Hey Rafael, thanks for the thoughtful response and feedback. We invested a lot of time and energy last year to improving our blank tee, and came out with a new custom threadless tee that is our highest quality tee yet: check it out. I just sent you a sample of it, too. Hope you like it!

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