PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE: Visually interpret your favorite Iheardcraigsay tweet.

By now, many of you have seen our amazing 404 page full of Craig-isms. It's almost a pleasure to be directed to a page that does not exist.

I have the ultimate joy of sitting next to Craig every single day. I will tell you this: It is an absolute delight. You can get a taste of his unique brand of crazy by following @iheardcraigsay if you don't already.

Let's do a Photoshop challenge celebrating the awesomeness of the Shimala spoken word.

CHALLENGE: visually intepret your favorite @iheardcraig tweet.

deadline: 1/15/13

prize: $50 Threadless gift card and a handwritten note from Craig!

For images of Craig, sift through the catalogue. Here's a few outtakes to get your started.

Make sure to actually include the quote itself so we know which one you are interpretting!


Watch this
skaw profile pic Staff

i just turned around and craig's over there reading his own tweets and laughing.


This doesn't surprise me. I only wish I sat closer to Craig so I could hear.

cshimala profile pic Staff

Tangerine Speedo!


Is the watch button fixed yet? Because I really wanna watch this

Also the deadline's my birthday. Go, me!

3rick05 profile pic Alumni


3rick05 profile pic Alumni

ARGHH my bad! :s


Just activated my cell on Twitter so that I can receive @iheardcraigsay tweets via mobile notification since I don't really use Twitter for anything else.

cshimala profile pic Staff

Sparkle hand!


"I've never seen anyone drop peanut butter as much. It's a gooey thing it doesn't just fall."


Bump! Because this should be the most popular photoshop challenge ever.


I wonder where I put all those mustaches

It's like a giant booger


I have a 3rd nipple. Care to find it?

Sorry if that's too much, tee-hee. I don't want to offend anyone.

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni

Congrats to yurilobo!!! We chose "veggie dog" as the winner! All of these were obviously amazing. I'll email ya!

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

So I know this is over and such but I saw this quote and just couldn't leave it alone. Sorry :)

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