The "2013: what i'm aiming to this year" blog

So if you're reading this, i think you already got that's one of those Threadgoals blogs some artists do at this point of the year.
This year i want to set mine for the first time ever, trying to be a part of the community a bit more, since unfortunately i can't find that much of time to spend around here or designing silly stuff.

Hope you can enjoy my work and support me as you can. Thanks!

So let's get this started:


  • Actually succeed in having my first print: 0/1

  • submit a design every month: 0/12

  • submit 8 more design with simple concept/execution and optional silly themes: 0/8

  • (optional) Run a community challenge that i invented and proposed: 0/1

  • Fill the Make Book i got as a gift from a community challenge: 0%
    (and then maybe make a blog with some scanned pages)

  • Complete the Threaddies banners: WIP
    (actually something that i should have already done)

Side goals:

  • restart drawing on real paper

  • learn a bit of digital painting

  • (maybe) ask Threadstaff if it's possible to change username

3,2,1... GO!

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