Zipper Exterminator

  • by fdegrossi
  • posted Jan 07, 2013

Zipper Exterminator

Watch this

Great idea! Loving it :-)




this is so awesome im really into zombies XD


got my one in L and i usually buy my threadless tees in L as well. the zip hoodie is a bit short in lenght. (when i raise both arms i do the belly dance) i wonder if the XL size would be longer.

Mr Luke

just got it in the mail. it's goodness. my fat head is a bit big for the hood though, but thats all good.


got it in XL now and its a bit longer and overall better fitting me then the one i got in mens L. just as a info! ;=)


I love the concept of this


I still love this design. Bought one of the hoodies for my nephew. So awesome!


I love the idea, but I don't really like the design. Why does the zombie seem to be exploding (I'm looking at his right arm)? If it was only a clean (bloody) cut in the zipper area (just cutting the zombie in half, sword-like style, no exploding zombie) it would look better. Nonetheless, great concept!


I think the zombie is not exploding, but when the "vertical cut happens" his arm and his hand was in the correct place to being cut.

I really love the movement of this design.

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