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After my abysmal performance here in 2012 (and my lack of drive to accomplish the goals I did set), I'm going to post these new goals with a grain of salt. There was much that went on in my life this past year, especially toward the end. I think, though, that with these new pieces of my life in place (and some old ones discarded), there's a different electricity in the air. There is much that will take place in my life this year I feel, so the goals I set here will be significantly less grandiose. Nevertheless, while I may set the bar a bit lower, I plan to exceed the goals I do set. Again, that grain of salt.
So, here's to a better year, one that starts well and ends fantastic, with much making and greatness and togetherness. 2013, you have no idea what I've got planned for you.

I may update THIS SPACE with a list of 'real life' goals, but for now, here's what I'd like to accomplish here at Threadless:

CONTESTS: For every 7 contests, enter 1
REACH 100,000 SCORES: status pending
SUBMISSIONS: At least 1 submission per month: 5/12
PRINTS: I'm not gunning for prints this year. That's not to say that I won't try, but it seems like the wrong way to go about it. I have, once again, gotten away from 'art for art's sake'. I have some major projects that I've been working on that are under wraps for now, and perhaps that's gotten me more into 'business mode' rather than 'creative space'. I'm trying to get one major line drawing done each week, and I'm sure many of those I'll be able to turn into designs. But...I want what I create to be inspiring to other artists first and foremost. And, when your entire heart is in something, good things are bound to follow.
COLLABS: FINALLY FINISH THEM. I'm especially looking at you, Evan and Nestor. The 'major projects' I've been working on have taken up a huge chunk of time and energy, and I know I've neglected contact with my collab-ers. So, this year, I vow to finish the works I've started.
-Nestor's Collab done!

That's probably a good start for now. Let's Make Great Together.

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Wharton profile pic Alumni

Nice one, your work is pretty spectacular, looking forward to more of the same with added salt.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

YES please do at least one sub for month. Your stuff is awesome

L-M-N-O-P profile pic Alumni

Thanks a bunch, everyone. Should have my first submission of the year up for scoring by next week!

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