What to do when two people have the same idea?

I thought of this concept the day the Monsters challenge opened. I'm a very slow worker and a perfectionist, and so it happens that while i should have hurried up, someone else submitted this same idea just a few days ago.

I'm a HUGE Pixar fan, and am / have been very invested in this design... Is it wrong to submit it? Is it allowable under some conditions? Is it a definite No-No? Or does anything go and may the best be the winner?

I feel terrible... my Iron Man design was rejected for being "childlike" and now this?

I have another concept under my sleeve but i gotta check, that one might have been done too.

This is a crude WIP... Character silhouettes and door aren't final, text needs / needed polishing. I want to give it a strong 50's, Mary Blair-ish feeling to it, which is present in most of Pixar's concept art and design.

Also i tried to sneak in as many references as possible (mainly in the texts). ... :(

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do it different enough, and better

Pez Banana

Thanks Jeffrey... i believe when it's done it'll be different enough, and of the highest quality.

I'm a huge fan of concept art and the work of Mary Blair, and i want this to have that classic hand drawn 50's vibe to it.

So if this is something Threadless would allow, i can go for it and give it my best.


I feel you on that. Had a vitruvian Ironman idea and had a thorough sketch of it but ditched it because there were several submitted already.


i've had the same thing happen to me, and in my experience if my design is similar to ones that were submitted before me (we just happen to have the same concept) and mine is not executed as well as theirs, i get denied. so i think it really depends on the quality. if yours is executed way better, i'm betting they'll approve it.

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