You're Dead

You're Dead

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Wait, is it a joke on Aperture, or Ninjas?


Is it supposed to look like the Aperture Science logo? Because Valve Software might want a word with you.


I thought this was an Aperture Science reference, but instead it's ninjas? I'm confused.


I don't get it? The art beautiful but like Portal? Ninjas?


i thought this was a sick Portal homage....then...ninjas. wth?


I'm thinking that GlaDOS, at one point, used the phrase "you're dead and you don't even know it"... or similar. That would be why the ninjas are there, I think.


I Want It !!!!


I'm glad it's not just me who clicked on it thinking it was a stylized Aperture Science shirt, only to find ninjas involved. Or perhaps it's a hidden advertisement for an impending Portal 3...with robot ninjas...okay probably not.

Jonny Comics

This is heck of confusing because it looks a LOT like the logo from Portal. Hmm..


I'm pretty much everyone here clicked on the link for Portal purposes...


Me Gusta. Portal reference is nice.


Perhaps it's also meant to be a James Bond reference? The classic opening sequence in most Bond films, but with ninjas.

Though it does look very close to the logo of Aperture Science.


Very cool design!

But uh... almost everyone else to comment on this? You guy's know Aperture isn't only to do with Portal right? This shape is used a lot for aperture in reference to camera aperture.

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