i voted for the first time in a long time.

these must be the newest contests:
put an old design in a new color
scan your notebook doodles
that's cute
put a really old design in a new color

i miss seeing some of my favorite artists' submissions.

on the plus side, there were a few jewels.

ps. this is my first beta blog. such a no0b.


Watch this
nicholelillian profile pic Alumni

hi! I haven't voted except for a few. I'm just getting back into the swing of things here. been spending time doing traditional arts/crafts and not so much digitally:)


people i know! yay!

voting through the beta site is not an easy task. there are still a lot of glitches.

i had to loop back around to the blogs through the old site.


Sounds right chelly.

I don't mind beta except the watch blog thing doesn't show you what you're watching yet. I watch blogs that I want to read, duh, but also ones I may have to go back n reply to. For the time being I'm not here much or leave a post that won't require further replies.

Also welcome backish.


i bet they fix the "watch" bug before beta goes live as i'm sure a lot of people are complaining about it.

and it's true that i'm backish. i miss being here but i'm undecided if it warrants a full return.

always super nice to see familiar names though.

i like facebook okay, but it is also annoying and everyone uses their real names so i can't remember who is who sometimes.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Hey! It's nice to see you on here. :-)

I forced myself to use beta instead of the old site and it's grown on me. Just gotta stick around for a while.


i don't mind the beta too much, but will like it better when the kinks are resolved.

also, i finally ordered some shirts after 2 years and i got no stickers. i hope my stickers went to someone in need (of stickers).


I haven't ordered in a while... I haven't always got stickers but most times they're in there. I hope they haven't stopped!


I'm just here for the ch-ch-ch-Chelly!! :D


I hope so, I can't get into old Threadless. I only found this cause it's been bumped.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Hello :)

Yeah new site is crazy. I can hardly wait for the "watched" feature to actually work.

I haven't scored in awhile. Not since the bowtruss challenge. I couldn't stomach all the ironman submissions & spiderman submissions. after like 10 of them they were all looking pretty much the same to me.

I got stickers in my last order but I don't know what I did with them. I think I stuck them in a drawer someplace. I don't get them in every order ... but I do like getting them though :) My favorites were some of the tiny old stickers.


Let's get all the Old Farts in here to complain about new Threadless.

I for one think it is taking waaay too long to get right. What a disaster. And the forum is just flooded with fucking noobs and their fucking piece of shit crtique-me-pleases. Fuck.

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Hey chelly! I still have the katamari hat you made for me, and I still love it (although it's not physically with me now, 'cause it's at my sister's house, but I wish I had it 'cause it's really freaking cold).

As for the new site, I am actually cool with it for the most part. I refused to use it at first, but I think it works more or less as well, and there are some things I actually like more (like the standardized tee templates for subs).

There are too many noob critique blogs though, yeah, but that has always been the case.


Yay! It makes me so super happy to know that people actually wear the stuff I make.

I need to spend a bit more time on the site warming up to it, I guess. It's just that for so long the site moved super duper slow and i have no patience for that kind of thing. Maybe had I stuck around, the changes would seem more normal to me.

But the site on a whole feels like it got way bigger as if I could drown in the themes, contests, submissions, sales, types of products, etc.

I should just suck it up though, because there's really no place like these blogs out on the interwebs. You all rock it too hard right here.


skull diamond tree skulldiamondtree

That's TOO funny!! I'll be laughing about that all day. Thanks!I Look ward to see more of you here!


I look forward to seeing more of you here. I think I need more caffeine...


I heart the chchchelly :)

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