all right let's see teh xmas loot.

mah loot... good haul...i've apparently been very good this year?....hmmm or not... but good haul non the less

all kinds of kewl stuff

very nice WASD cherry mx-brown mechanical switch keyboard (w/ orange ESC and WASD keys) (really stoked on this thing)

Audio Technia ATH-M50 headphones (super nice)

FiiO E07K usb dac/headphone amp

Samsung Nexus (sprint) kewl phone

Samsung Tab 2.0 7" tablet (kewl very kewl)

couple bob dylan records for my new turntable

threadless socks

electric salt and pepper mill set (wooot?)

Domo plus toy

Atari HW collectible car toys

(not pictured pretty nice jacket)

coffee mugs

pint glass

and cash cold hard cash.... always the perfect fit and all.

how about y'all what did you get

Watch this

oh yeah swiss army knife also.

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nice stuff! i'm thinking the next phone i get will be in the nexus line.

i bought myself some things other than that i got a tree and a succulent and some art.


yeah the nexus line of phones is a good way to go dumb resource hogging custom UI stuff no dumb nascar apps or whatever.

if have been loving this phone the screen is really outstanding on this samsung nexus ...and it will be even better if sprint ever can manage to get 4G here...oh well.


you don't wanna see da loot its kind of embarrassing

maddingo a holy sh*t that is a lot of loot kinda level or a i got stuff people bought at 7-11 xmas eve kinda level?


I'm guilty of going over the top for Christmas always. I just really love Christmas & Christmas shopping & giving presents.

I gave: - platinum keurig + 6 packs k-cups - Star Wars complete blu-ray - BTTF trilogy blu-ray - Coen Bros blu-ray set - complete John Houx discography - seasoned Detroit-style pizza pan - whiskey ice cube tray (huge cubes) - bunch of Louis CK tickets - They Might Be Giants tickets - Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick Christmas box set - some Thai & Chinese movies - movie theatre passes - toms - olive oils & balsamics - dumpling press - some kickstarter stuff - really nice scarf & bowls & bakeware from anthropologie - chalkboard paint wine glasses - panda-painted pot (for plants) - cutting board shaped like MA - little thing that cuts guitar picks out of old credit cards - brontosaurus creamer - chocolate molds with weird faces from Germany - soaps, candles, other stuff

Received: - homemade mozzarella - bunch of blu-rays (Sunshine, Pulp Fiction, etc) - Long Winters Live at the Showbox dvd - baked dog treats - flour, sugar, etc containers - Sox tickets - JetBlue gift card - air plant - ornaments - clothes - bookcase

I bought the dog some new toys & a snazzy vest, and myself new toms, a dress, couple sweaters, bunch of Asian movies. Would have been a great Christmas without any of the stuff but good with it too :)

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