Broken Heart design. Please critique!!!

Hi. Please critique this design for me! Mostly on the concept please. I am ok with the style, although, if you have any ideas what to add or improve, all are welcome!

I feel something is missing, or the words should say something different.


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Ok, I think you should:

  • Use another font for the "Broken Heart" text, maybe draw your own.
  • Give the design some more detail, or simplify it more, it depends on what style you want.
  • I think the curve on the text is a little bit too curvy, but that's your own chose.

Good luck! -Tobias



Nice design. Might I suggest that the heart be a bit bigger? This will place more visual focus on the heart rather than the text.

Good luck,



I agree with the gradients. I would do a more natural shading. As far as the text, make it look more handwritten, maybe in a script style.


Lighten up the heart, maybe?


The ribbon looks very unnaturally bent. Especially the brushstroke before the B. Think about that?

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