Can someone help me?

Hi everyone! This is my new design!
Any critique?

Watch this

Jajajajaja I like it a lot! Its very funny.

Maybe you can try an option that has the "?" symbol smaller, not the pattern cause then it will be too tiny, and this way the phrase "Just wash it! Damn It!" will be at an according high to a person view in a case you are walking or if you are sit down so it can be readed. Try just to see how it works.

Again, nice and funny design!


thank you!


I think its great as it is.


mmm... i think i'll make some changes...

What_eVer_Luk profile pic Alumni

Really nice design, and mayby for the phrase "Just wash it! Damn It!" try a little bolder typo, not bigger just bold, i think it would be clearer. For the t-shirt color try the ocean blue, i think the design would a little bit po up, especially the bande with the phrase. Hope it helps you ^^.

By the way can you vote for my designs? ^^ and thank you and good luck.

Tag Apparel

I dig it, but I agree with points that Dorenma made.. it took some searching to actually find "just wash it, damn it!" At first glance I didn't understand the question mark part until after I noticed what the symbols were but even then. For me I probably would make the symbol a washing machine, or laundry detergent. Something that tells the person its going to be a laundry joke. And making the wording larger would make more sense to me. Like having 'just wash it" then the symbol followed by "damn it!" underneath.. just my thoughts.

Petra Potpourri

Hi nelbok... very nice idea and a well done and clean graphic. I like the question mark symbol very much, although i would recommand a typeface that's more fitting the style of the label. (maybe a little bit tinner/ streched in lengh) and i don't think another laundry element is needed as tag apparel mentioned. one last thing: keep aware of these tiny little dots that occur by cutting the laundry symbols into shape (f.e. right bottom of the swoosh part of the "?"

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