Are t-shirts here still screen-printed?

I haven't submitted a design in 4 years. When I came back to check out the submission rules, I noticed that the 8 color limit (originally 4) was removed. I also noticed that most submissions now have gradients and dozens of colors. Does this mean that t-shirts now are no longer screen-printed the old school way? That is, there are a few colors that are separated and laid out on the t-shirt one at a time.

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different processes

if something is in the 8 color limit, it is screened

if its more than 8, or contains like gradients, or watercolors, etc. its still screened, but printed via simulated process

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Thanks Jeffrey.

For the wearer of the t-shirt, is there a difference he/she will notice between the two types of printing?

  • Texture: does one feel tackier than the other? (slippery iron on feeling?)
  • Longevity: will one fade quicker after many washes?
  • Flexibility of the fabric where the design is printed

Ugh, I remember a friend of mine got Northern Ice Pilot, and it looked great, and then it sold out, and I regretted it.

It still looks awesome.

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