Is it possible to win with my first design?

Just curious.
Cause I just found out about this web and sent a design, and wanted to know if it was in any way possible to get your design printed in your first try.
And also if you could send more than one time the same design.
Thanks anyways!

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yup, it is possible to get printed in your first sub. I dunno why you'd want to send the same design repeatedly, I think you can rework the same idea and resubmit as much as you want, only with significant changes, not just color change or different placement on the canvas. Also you can do a critique blog so you know what people thinks of any specific design.


ah pero te podia decir lo mismo en español, recien veo que sos de chile. saludos!!

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jajajaja, muchas, muchas gracias! eso si, no me quedó claro como es eso del blog de críticas... es una instancia que da la página, o te referías a armar un blog de manera separada? saludos, y muchas gracias de todas formas por tomarte el tiempo!

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yea, its been done by many.

threadless loves good art and good concepts


i would say it is a bit harder when nobody knows you :) Not too much votes ]


no, te vas al boton magenta, aqui arriba a la derecha que dice start a thread, poniendo tu diseño y preguntando por criticas o algo de feedback en caso que lo necesites, para ver que piensa la gente.

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