The end of dinosaurs - Need critiques

This is my first design. Please comment and critique. Is there anything I can do to improve it, especially the colors and my design's position on a tee? Just let me know your opinions.

And please let me know where I can download the submission kit, which contains tee templates.

Thanks :)

my design

design's position 1

design's position 2

Watch this
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I really dig this, great colours, idea and execution! I think maybe the design is floating in space a little, it could be grounded a little. Perhaps put into a subtle scene, a slight rocky foreground, maybe some dusky mountains in the background?

Nice work.


great design! i think that you should move the dinosaurs to the bottom of the shirt, and the comet just a bit lower, so it's in the center of the shirt.

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once I realized that the tetris pieces were dinosaurs I was able to appreciate how good of a concept you have.

I would like to see one more piece on each side, to complete the puzzle and the final falling piece to look a bit more like a meteor.



Very good concept and drawing so far! I agree about adding a background, maybe a darker background with stars around the meteor, and placing it a bit lower on the tee, also try some other colors for your shirt. Keep up the good work!

I could use your support on my Bowtruss Submission, follow the score now! link to vote ;)


I also agree with the other guys that the dinosaurs should be down at the bottom! I think it would make it more obvious that it was tetris as well. The long piece also reminds me a little too much of just a fireball, or a candle. Maybe make the bottom square of it brown, or look more like a meteor somehow? I also wonder if they are not as obviously-dinosaurs as they should be. The triceratops and the pterodactyls are working great for me, and the long-necked guys are cute, but the others still seem a little vague! The pink one in particular I am having trouble figuring out! I think as simply an art piece, they are fine, but since shirts are best if easily and quickly read, that may need a little work! The concept is awesome! I really love the layout of it, they way they're stacked! Keep at it, it's really cool so far and I think on its way to being really, really fantastic!

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Love the concept here and the artwork is great. I agree with those above that the design could use use some achoring, either by moving to the bottom of the shirt as others have suggested. Suppose you could also put the design you have into a Tetris-style level box, but then some of the subtlety may be lost, and I dig the subtlety here.

It's just the nitpicky nerd in me saying "Well, the meteor still wouldn't be completing any rows, so the dinosaurs would be fine."

But that's my problem, not yours, ha. Great work.


Maybe fill in the blank spaces on the grid with leaves/trees so that the comet will complete all the levels?


hey, great artwork, I suggest you to complete the blank spaces on the dino grid. Regarding the background, well, maybe something more related to tetris itself.


Thanks for your positive comments :D I am working on my design, trying to make it better. The pink one is a pachycephalosaurus with a big and hard skull that I tried to make it visible. The red one is a T-rex. Because it has no particular feature, the only thing I could do to make him stand out was giving him a big smile with big and sharp teeth to emphasize his carnivorousness :) Right now I am working on the background. Your comments really help and encourage me a lot :D


The submission kit you asked for: beta. threadless .com /threadless/submission-kit/

OR: beta. threadless .com / play/ forum /post/951694/30_blank_mockups_amp_more_updated_1118/


I broke the links because of the form don't let me post links right now, something's broken.

Hope this helps.


I love it! Maybe if the dinosaurs were a bit lower on the t-shirt and the same with the comet :) x


The overall design is amazing, especially for a first submission. My only suggestion is that you use a darker coloured shirt to make the dinosaurs stand out more. I think you'll go far at Threadless with this kind of work so nice job!


i dont think he whent far enuf with it. it would be cool if it looked more like the videogame.

thomas callahan

RAD RAD RAD RAD RAD! I think you should add some more contrast between the colors, especially the Pterodactyl's right wing, because it's hard to see his face since the colors are so similiar. Besides from that, this is ace! :D


Hehehehe. NICE. Very clever concept.

Definitely put the dinos at the bottom of the shirt so you can better read that they're tetris pieces, and the asteroid piece should be in the middle of the shirt. Looming.

Awesome idea, though. I hope this gets printed because I would totally buy it. :D


Really awesome design. I think either of them works. I would deffs buy this


sweet...looks good as is..will defiantly print.


Maybe if you can make the design less symmetrical, so the line piece can be placed in another column, or one of the pieces can be in another position, it will be more beautifull and dynamic, it can gain more movement.


Really like the concept :D

feedback for the purpose of feedback:

  • maybe change the dino tetrisblocks a bit, so they have more dinolike features, especcially the ones on the right side

  • maybe add something subtle for a background

but I really like it as it is now!


I think placing it asymmetrically (the "comet line" that is) could help a lot. The colors are very bright and vibrant, but you have such a great piece for the eyes to explore and allow the concept and "WOW" factor to sink in. For me, I have noticed that symmetrical objects are easy on the eyes, but sometimes don't invite the eyes to explore more because of that.

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Love the vibrant colors, I agree with everyone else in regards to making the meteor look more like a meteor. Also maybe adding two more dinos on each side in order for it to make the full tetris effect. Right now at first glance it looked like a birthday cake with the meteor as a candle. Maybe even move the metor a row or two over, it's too dead center for me. And I agree on maybe adding more of a background, leaves grass in between the dinos or a grass underneath them.

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I think as is, on a black shirt. I got the concept immediately.


looks like a penis and testicles. -freud

Sam MacGregor

Love how simple and creative this design is. Great color choices as well! Nice Work!


Funny and cool idea, love it ! Hope you'll be satisified while finishing it !

darwinrl said:

looks like a penis and testicles. -freud



I LOVE it, I would seriously pay good money for this :3. I do agree though, maybe they should be down the bottom of the shirt, but I think a white background would work better than colour as it makes them stand out more really! I love the concept of this, I have no idea where you got your ideas from but I wish I had that creativity! I love it, please make more!


@NDT1618 hey let us know how it goes whit this one, feeeedback please!!!!


Thanks for your positive comments. I've been busy lately and haven't got time to complete my design. I'm trying to find an appropriate background for the dinosaurs, may be some kinds of vocalnoes and ferny jungles. I will change the square shape of the meteorite and add some holes to make it more recognizable. I've sketched it and I will post the complete one here as soon as I can. Keep commenting and let me know your opinions. :)

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