International orders $9.50 shipping for orders over $75

Anyone know how come when I put over $75 of tees into my car then go to check out I can't see any option for $9.50 shipping?

If I just go through with it won't it just auto charge my card the $21 it shows for shipping.

not sure if this is the right place, i submitted a ticket but I doubt they'll get back to me before the offer ends.


Watch this

a lot of people are having the same issue. i am as well. i hope threadless compensates those guys or at least extends the shipping offer and fixes it.


ahh right, no worries so best not to place an order then?


i've no clue. i'm just leaving stuff in my cart and occasionally refreshing. just a few hours ago my shipping was $9.50, and then when i came back to the computer and refreshed, it was $21.00.

a lot of people on facebook are having the same problems. as of now i'm not making a purchase. this sucks ):


This is also happening with the free domestic shipping offer. It disappeared shortly after noon. Maybe it's a sign from the cosmos that I'm buying too many things. Hopefully everything will be sorted out.


Yeah, I'm having the same issue. On checkout screen it's showing $27.


I am having the same problem with domestic shipping. I have had a full cart of $200 worth for the whole day, and I'm not sure if I should buy it and hope they compensate me, or just wait. I tried sending in a ticket and contacting them on twitter hours ago, but no replies.


how many hours until this is meant to finish btw?


how many hours until this is meant to finish btw?


i am surprised at how threadless can continue to update deals on facebook while ignoring all our pleas to fix the shipping cost issue.

a lot of people are unknowingly duped into committing to purchases which do not thwart the shipping fees as clearly stated on your website, and i don't think is very fair?

my friends and i started buying from threadless 'cause you guys have an awesome reputation, please don't make us think otherwise! ):


I am trying to make an international purchase and I am not having the $9.50 international shipping fee option too! I tweeted them on twitter to make sure they know that this is not happening. Not placing the order now as it'll get messy to do credits, etc. generally IMO.


I had the same problem when buying my shirts. I hope someone from Threadless explain what happened and have some compensation for all who had the problem :)

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