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Copyright Infringement

I live in Brisbane and went to the local South Bank Markets this Saturday past and have only just noticed a stall called "Thread Head" or something similar. It's a blatant rip off of Threadless and features shirts printed undoubtedly on some wholesale t-shirt brand with Threadless designs. Within five seconds I spotted Dark Side of the Moon, Lions Are Smarter Than I Am, W.T.F? and many others.

Now, I've never "blown the whistle" nor have I really cared very much about copyright infringement (which is what I believe this is? I'm obviously not a lawyer) but this seriously rustled my jimmies.

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Is there something I, or someone can do about this?
Should something be done about this?

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Oh wait, also I have no idea if they have gotten the artists permission to print the designs, I guess I just assumed they didn't. This could be a major oversight haha.


Website found:

"Currently we do not design or print our own tee's, but source them from other very talented and creative people from around the world"

Does this mean they have permission?

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threadless owns the copyrights to apparel designs, i doubt the artists have given them permission in any case. you should alert the threadstaff, unless this is some strange franchise i have no idea of...

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If a design has been sold to Threadless, the artist can't give a permission to others to print it as a shirt. They're most likely ripoffs.

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Yeah... looking at their store photos in facebook there are several Threadless designs that obviously don't have the Threadless neck print. There's Glennz's Calling Home and David T's Dog Fight among others.


Oh sorry I didn't see these replies! Thanks guys.

I'll let the Threadstaff know.


Hmm, I'm in Brisbane too... Maybe I should pop to Southbank and have a look when the markets are on. It seems their website is down at present... Something is certainly not right here.


Definitely let the threadstaff know, btw... Did you get any photos?


Oh snap, maybe they are feeling the heat, I sent them a few e-mails. I didn't get any! Bummer I'm not very sleuth-like.


I received a reply:

I believe your concern refer's to the below abstract pulled from our homepage:

Currently we do not design or print our own tee's, but source them from other very talented and creative people from around the world.

The reference made to 'sourcing' our shirts from other talented and creative people refers to the whole garment and not the individual designs. We buy tshirts at a wholesale price from dozens of Tshirt companies around the world including America, England, Sweden, Japan, China and Thailand. We do NOT print any of these designs,


You can apply to become a Threadless retailer I believe? Maybe they did that.

I'm not entirely convinced, the shirts didn't look to be of Threadless quality, and they had placed their own tags onto the shirts.

I'll get a closer look when I can.

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It basically says "You can't blame me for copyright thing, since I bought these t-shirts wholesale from various companies, which probably ripped the designs off from Threadless. It's clearly not my fault that the designs are stolen."


You can apply to become a Threadless retailer I believe? Yes However the tag removing business sounds fishy, and you should definitely email staff.


Thank errbodeh! I emailed Threadless and they said they'd pass it on to their legal team, so I guess it's in their capable hands now.


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Look at the site now. I think the issue has been fixed!

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