My designs in the Wall Art Challenge... Pretty please!

YAY! I got in! Vote for me PLEASE!
Hi Threadless Peeps!
I got accepted into the Wall Art Challenge. Could you PLEASE vote (rate) my designs! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!! If you want or need me to vote for you too, let me know! =]
Thank you everyone!*

My 4 designs:

  1. Seeing Spots : My giraffe watercolor pencil drawing.

  2. Scrolled : My Art Nouveau inspired graphic design I think this would be cool printed in glow in the dark ink.

  3. Flit One of my first attempts at graphic art, a hummingbird design I made from mostly "P" script fonts.

  4. Seahorse Nouveau : A fancy seahorse, can be a decal or a border & just about any color.

Let me know what you think, K? THANKS!!!!
Leslie Rhoades
MrsHappy =]

Watch this
MrsHappy profile pic Alumni

I'm feeling no one loves me.... =(


Awwwww...I love you!

Anyways, I like it! very new and unique. You have a facinating style. Keep it up.

(Hugs for reassurance)

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