Spotted my shirt on Key and Peele!

On a recent episode of Key and Peele, one of the main dudes (Peele I think) was wearing my design "beer pong" during a skit. My cousin happened to be watching and called me up... I was pretty jazzed up! I live in jersey so it was the same night I got my power back after 9 days, so it ended up being a pretty sweet day. The show is kinda funny... haven't really decided if I like it or not yet. Check out the bootlegged video below!

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the czar

Nice cant be anything better than Threadspotting your own tee!

the czar

Also I wasn't aware you were a Jersey guy too. Glad you got your power back finally. Hope you made out ok during the storm.

the czar

I'm up in Piscataway. Man, the shore is a mess. So sad.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

awesome dude!!


Wow!! Great!!

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