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That's Why I Love VENOM

I imagine if the symbiote touch our body and we're becoming a Venom, the dark side of ourselves will raise,, everything that we hate, we love, will we do without worried,,
at least you dare to more Honest with your feeling :)

that's why i've submited 2 designs on this competition (Threadless+SpiderMan)
Hope you like it

We.. Are.. Venom!!!

Remember Me?

Watch this
bykai profile pic Alumni

Thank you, modular

bykai profile pic Alumni

yay!.. it has been selected for SpiderMan collection! :)

melmike profile pic Alumni

Congrats! Your Venom reminds me of McFarlane's, I'm sure he'd approve!

bykai profile pic Alumni

Thank you melmike.. :) . Hope you like it

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