Beta Changelog

Hey everyone, now that beta is pretty much launched, we're going to keep a changelog updated of everything we launch new to the site. We'll keep adding to it as we go. I might create a "Next Up" list so you guys can see what we're planning to fit next but that might be a few more days once I get re-oriented from my trip to Singapore :)

- Submission page altered to remove extra step in preview
- Collab links in subs now working

- Fixed default view for products in catalog

- Make login keep you on the page you're on
- Tons of holiday sale promotion stuff
- Better submission choosing tools internally for the new site
- More submission comments fixes
- A mega-ton of other random but important boring stuff that I won't bother going into detail on

The last couple weeks have been a bit of a bust for improving the site and more about getting us through the holidays. More meaty stuff to come soon!

- Changed pagination to be more smart so you can get to end of threads easier
- Added some more styles for formatting comments (though there may be issues with this right now)

- New navigation that is much smaller
- Added links to the collections within the SHOP nav
- Added direct links into the forums from the PLAY nav
- Removed the tabs from the top bar
- Added a cart icon
- Added the # link in the forum to link to last page
- Removed the aggressive click action on the forum listing page so you can open threads in tabs easier
- Fixed long product titles breaking things
- Fixed screwed up "MADE by" pages

- Fixes to Facebook login
- Fixes to submission comments
- Allow designs to be shown in addition to photos on product collections pages
- Speed up a slow query in scoring
- An issue with submission slider width

Answers to frequently reported issues

What's with the voting days on challenges?
Currently designs are allowed to be voted on for the entire challenge, so some designs can be voted on for 20+ days. We're going to change this so that each sub gets the same 7 days of voting as the old site.

Why can't I vote on all designs?
Currently you can only vote on designs within a challenge. We're going to be changing that to allow you to vote on all designs at the same time, not just on a per challenge basis.

Why's the nav so big?
We're changing the nav to be smaller.

The site's slow!
We're actively speeding up the site.

Why can't I search for anything other than products?
We're re-doing the search completely and until that is done there will only be product search. In the meantime if you add "" to a google search it works quite well to search for anything.

Why can't I see the score during the voting period?
We will be adding this back in.

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the age counter on profiles is wrong..please fix that..should take all of 5 minutes...k..that would be great

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Please add back the ability to easily browse past blogs. I can only click "load more posts" so many times before I start to cry.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

i wonder if anyone else finds it strange that the username in the upper right isn't actually a link. i was trying to middle-click it to open my profile in a new tab and it wasn't doing anything!

it may be more intuitive if you captured all click-like events (including middle click) to toggle the dropdown, like how dropbox's login dropdown functions.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

It used to be, but it changed recently to a drop down menu.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

another idea that might be worth considering if you haven't already: perhaps adding something like hoverIntent to the main menu could increase usability.

it can be a bit frustrating when the menu expands to fill up a large portion of the page anytime i pass over one of the options. frequently i'm just trying to move my cursor from my browser tabs to the content on the page or vice versa.

though the default setting of hoverIntent requires the mouse to be moving really slow for the event to activate, you might be able to find a sweet spot where you're only ignoring particularly fast motions over the menu, such as the speed of a cursor when the user is trying to move past the menu.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni
TheInfamousBaka said:

It used to be, but it changed recently to a drop down menu.

Ah, okay. Maybe I should clarify that I have no qualms with it being a dropdown vs. an actual link to a new page – I was just thinking that it might be more usable if both left- and middle-clicks triggered the dropdown event.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Amazon by far has the best implementation of hoverIntent. Just copy Amazon.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

is this the place to post bugs? or should I send a ticket. well, for now I'll post this bug here

What you see

You can, through normal navigation of the forum, access a page via a URL where the pagination buttons to navigate to other pages of the forum are broken

what you should see

The pagination buttons should always work!

How to replicate

  1. Go to the Everything section of the forum by any means (note: i've only tested this as an alum)

  2. Navigate to page 2 using the pagination buttons

  3. Filter by participated,participated/page,2/

  4. Try to use the pagination buttons,participated/page,2/?page=1

  5. Observe that they are broken

You can basically see why it breaks / probably figure out the solution by just looking at that last URL there

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

& that reason might be that you're capturing URLs containing something like 'page,[0-9]+?', and then processes the request with a view that doesn't look at the page GET parameter.

but i'm just guessin'

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

You should be one of them internet peoples, James.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

Menu & other stuff

so you guys might know all of this & simply haven't paid it any mind since it's probably lower-priority, but i was just messing around with the menu to see how it behaves. and i found some maybe-strange behavior that might be worth documenting if it's unintended. i didn't put too much time into it, so all of these tests are on Windows 7 Chrome 27

Menu I: Extending a lil bit

If you place your mouse beneath the menu and then move it beneath an option, but not on an option, the menu extends just a little bit. i thought that was a bit unusual.

Menu II: Inconsistent behavior of the "Threadless" logo

On the homepage, if you hover over the background Threadless logo it'll light up. however, on the blogs, this doesn't happen. maybe this is intentional, though, as i checked a few other pages and it seems to behave as it does on the blogs.

Menu III: Sliding triggers menu, hovering does not

About 10-15px above the menu options (MAKE, PICK, etc), there's a horizontal section of space where I'm experiencing weird behavior. if i hover my mouse there, the menu does not expand. if i move my mouse (horizontally), it does expand. i wanted to take a video, but alas, this laptop does not have video editing software. maybe if there's a PC over there you'll be able to replicate it.

Menu III: Flash flash, flash flash

If you do the above experiment on the homepage, it's even weirder. After stopping from sliding, it flashes back and forth between displaying the menu and highlighting the threadless logo in the background. it does this exactly 2 times. this one is harder to reproduce; maybe the horizontal area is narrower? i've also only done it on the PLAY and SHOP options. above the H on shop seems to be the easiest place to reliably do it.

I feel like a video could help, but I did find this out by just playing around & reproduced it on another machine, so you might be able to reproduce it.

& Other Stuff: Double comment load

if I go to a design of mine the comments flash in a strange way. they load for a bit before appearing, then they immediately disappear before taking awhile to load again, then finally appear for good. this happens if i go to my design from my profile page, but not when i slide through designs nor refresh the page.


I'm not sure if this is a threadless problem, or just me somehow, but I seem to get an internal server error anytime I try to post on my own thread/topic. I can post fine on other topics, but mine always gives me the error. Might be something to look into, if that's not supposed to happen?

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

the voting is still craaaaap :( I want to vote more again, especially now with the whole house war thing, but goddamit the slide things just don't bloody work. It is very frustrating. I end up voting from thumbnails which is, I think we can all agree, kinda shit and unfair to the artists who put in all the loving details I can't be bothered seeing.

celandinestern said:

the voting is still craaaaap :( I want to vote more again, especially now with the whole house war thing, but goddamit the slide things just don't bloody work. It is very frustrating. I end up voting from thumbnails which is, I think we can all agree, kinda shit and unfair to the artists who put in all the loving details I can't be bothered seeing.



FIX THE FUCKING SCORING STUFF, GEEZ. it has been a steaming pile of shit since this site launched.

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