Feedback on BETA. (Update 11/26)


Site feels much slower. No, like actually much, much slower, in every browser.
--- The beta site crashed the browser app (Safari) on my phone more than once.

404's everywhere.

Spam everywhere.
--- Especially in product page comments and as forum threads.
--- lol on homepage

Broken images everywhere.
--- Product images and designs on profiles.

Comments on designs and blogs are a 50/50 crap shoot. It's always stuck on the little loading wheel of death. Slow, clunky, unreliable.

I can tell Threadless comments are now dynamically loaded from some other database (beta seems to be using some sort of new message board bundle based on the BBCode that's now required instead of simple HTML.)
--- This seems to be… a totally unnecessary change that doesn't change anything at all besides force users to learn a new system, but sure. It's fine, I can get on board with it if it was actually faster than the HTML. Which it currently isn't.

Being able to see comments at all on designs (Again, a crapshoot.)
--- I suspect a certain of combo of letters or symbols in a comment is causing all comments to disappear on some pages, just some sort of bug. Could be wrong of course.

Sort by score/popularity doesn't work on finished designs

Search Bar barely works, returns results only for some terms based on some testing. For example, I searched my username, got nothing.

HTML/code/whatever doesn't work in design descriptions

No ability to preview your design submission. "Submit Your Design" takes you to a preview page but actually ends up submitting your design (based on tests I did yesterday.)

Watched/participated/popular filters still don't work in the forums

NEW Comments partially disappearing on submissions if there are over 100 comments

NEW Error message frequently popping up during voting

NEW Occasionally CSS doesn't load properly and it looks completely screwed up

NEW No way to strike text in posts (<strike></strike>)

NEW Multiple image errors and faults in the SHOP pages



Love that you can now look at products either by the design or the product photo. ("Display" in the top right.) Really helps if you wanna see shirts based on how they look on a person rather than the design itself.

Bestee Awards page looks good, clean and organized.

Threadspotting page looks good, clean and organized. Most of the static pages look good and very well thought out actually.

MADE Shops also look great.

QUOTE button in comments! Woo!



No Threadless Live

No skinnyStats

No ability to see score during voting

No ability to see comment count, during and after voting

No way to share your design with thumbnails or code widgets anymore

"YOU PICK WHAT WE MAKE" on the homepage seems to get stuck on two random designs. It should show either a grid of submissions or favor no submission at all.

No way to see recently commented-on submissions in the blogs

FIXED No "#" or ability to jump to last page in the forums

FIXED No ability to even jump to last page on blogs with a lot of pages - doesn't show a "last page" or anything

New widescreen submission format is terrible, but I'm resigned to it because it doesn't seem like we're going back. I guess it makes it easier for voters or... something.



So. Many. Rollover. Effects. Fucking everywhere - in the main navigation, on "Shop" homepage, on the Challenges page, is it at all possible for me to hover over an image ANYWHERE on Threadless without it flashing bright CMYK bullshit, unnecessary descriptions, and additional links at me…?

New logo… banner… thing at the top…? I remember when Atrium first came out like two years ago I thought that gigantic hideous hot pink/neon yellow/neon blue double-overlay combo was some sort of joke. Or a bug.
--- I understand the CMYK reference, really I do. It's still garish.

FIXED Why is ATRIUM still a separate website?

It's a lot harder to tell the difference in comments between staff / alumni / ambassadors / artist (on submission pages) because there's no color difference anymore, just a tiny bar on the avatar... Not sure if this was intentional or not.



What is this flashy, unnecessary image-filled rollover thing again that is horizontally oriented for some bizarre reason... the only area where it works alright is "SHOP" because of the large number of categories.
--- Simple text-based mouseover drop-down menus are universally used for a reason. Because they are intuitive.
--- See for an example of GOOD rollover menus. Or, like, any other shopping site.

Four. Options/Buttons. Under. "Make." WHY? I imagine for a newbie visitor/designer it's like playing pin the tail on the donkey. Why are the names so not intuitive? What the hell does "Make More" mean? Why is it "Make it Better" instead of "FAQ for New Designers"?
--- Should be ONLY BE TWO ITEMS - "New Designer? Click here!" (collect all resources, info, sub kits, faqs here) and then one other button "Submit to Current Challenges" TWO OPTIONS. That's. All. You. Need.

Speaking of… why do users have to click so goddamn much? To submit to regular Threadless someone has to go Make > Submit > Threadless > and then YET ANOTHER BUTTON ON THE SIDEBAR TO SUBMIT. To get to the blogs (which used to be ONE CLICK) it's now Play > Forum > Everything, so many unnecessary jumps and splash pages and FUCKING ROLLOVERS, I just don't understand.


What is "Geeky Stuff" instead of, I don't know, "iPhone app"? Why all these new cutesy dumbed down names? "Make it Better" what the, are the words "Participate" and "Community" just too complicated? Are we back in kindergarten with the monosyllabic words and the neon colors and CAPS LOCK?


It's an incredibly disorienting combination.



Wrong number of submissions

Wrong number of votes

"You helped get this printed" no designs show up

Wrong number of printed designs

Not all printed designs show

Not all submissions show



Any design you have currently up for voting is the first item on your profile
--- This is great and intuitive for visitors

Any design you have currently up for voting also shows in a link when you comment on blogs or designs
--- Also great, should encourage users to comment more and prevent them from tacking on "okay now check out mine" links

Sidebar is much better designed and neater-looking
--- Good section for your web presence on other sites

"Snapshot of awesomeness" is also good…
--- You know, if it was even close to accurate.



Recent comments is the top item on on your profile still not over how horrendously awful this is
--- Lack of privacy or option to opt-out, out-of-contextness, overall totally unprofessional
--- Doesn't even work right - the comment link takes you to the beginning of the thread, not your comment, so it's even more out-of-context.

Printed designs/slogans/whatever should always be first
--- Should revert back to the old profile's option of showing either your subs or blogs or both


I hope some actual feedback instead of mindless bitching could actually help out. Please feel free to help me add positive and negative comments to this list. I'll also cross out anything under "Bugs" if/when they get fixed eventually.

By the way, "it's still in beta" is no longer a valid excuse. The site is being forced on the userbase now. And how long has it been in development, what like two years...? Grashshgghfh.

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

preach gurl

how i currently feel while getting 404s up the ass

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i like alice. she says what we're all thinking.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

you forgot to mention there are no thumbnails for designs,

I don't understand.


You forgot you can't see watched/participated blogs, that's a 90% of the reason why i don't use the Beta too much. Also, i have to point out the sidebar in the shop is a bit crappy with all the scroll you have to do to filter results.

palitosci profile pic Alumni

agree! agree! agree!

Time to implementation of these improvements: 6 months at least.

Back to previous site and work from behind on this ... there is not hurry to make this site change.



Also, it seems to be pretty hard to open the old site, at least for me: when i click on the fave i have at the top of the browser it links me to the beta site instead.

silverqe profile pic Alumni
parallelish said:


YA, added, along with some of the other comments ^

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni


What is with this covered up text I can click on but can't reveal?

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

and seriously, i can't stand all the rollovers. i move my mouse an inch, and bam! rollover.


Good stuff.


Why are the names so not intuitive?

I play music. I play a movie. I play a game. I play a role. I PLAYZ FORAMS? o.O





I've said this before and I'll say it again: Alice is the man

I have one big pet peeve that I think goes a long way explaining the slowness and general issues: f'ing third parties. I could be wrong since I don't know anything about coding and stuff, but I'd be surprised if it didn't have some sort of impact.

Old Tless was the slowest website I knew of before the new site, and the website with the most 3rd party scripts I know of (17 scripts right now on this page!!!). Another slow and buggy website I check regularly is Universe Today, and guess what, it also relies heavily on the bloody scripts (13). I just mention it as an example because it has many of the exasperating issues TL has: terribly slow, 404's galore, shifting content that makes you misclick. I've seen it gradually get worse over a few years as it got to involve more and more 3rd parties.

I'm wondering how one goes about to make all these scripts work smoothly together on a site as complex as TLess. Is that even possible?

I'm afraid 3rd parties are here to stay as they're the trend in web designing, however I'd wish the coding team at TLess seriously considered if all of these are really necessary, even at the cost of functionality.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I don't really think functionality is a top priority, it's more about "LOOK, SHINY! GO PLAY, CHILDREN!" But nobody has a clue what is going on or why.

Too much self satisfaction for those working on the site, too little consideration for the users.

As somebody that really loves Threadless, I'm hoping their "It's going to be awesome one day!" promises are going to come through sooner rather than later.

the czar

I do like that next to someones name in a blog it says "2 designs submitted score now" with a link.

the czar

Is there a way to embed videos yet?

randyotter3000 profile pic Alumni

So. Many. Rollover. Effects. Fucking everywhere - in the main navigation, on "Shop" homepage, on the Challenges page, is it at all possible for me to hover over an image ANYWHERE on Threadless without it flashing bright CMYK bullshit, unnecessary descriptions, and additional links at me…? Blockquote


thank you Alice for writing this

digsy profile pic Alumni

Awesome blog. Laid out all the problems without being bitchy or whiny and really hit the nail on the head with what's seriously wrong with the site at the moment,

I've got one to add in my opinion which is the non-mixing of submission types I.e. you only see one type of challenge submissions at a time. Now admittedly I always wanted this (simply so I could filter out mine craft) but I'd like it to be optional otherwise , with so many challenges going on regular threadless subs really run the risk of getting lost. And yes, this did just happen to me so I may be being personal!


I agree with you 100% Silverqe. New site is slow. Hate that the live feature is not working at all. I started scoring designs today and the new site freezes on me eventually.

The number of new incredible artwork pieces Threadless used to have on the site to score has gone down percentage wise with the new site changes. I think some artists are not wanting to submit an incredible piece of art right now on the buggy new site. I don't blame them.

digsy profile pic Alumni

Wait , how do I quote the main post - I don't see the button Anyway, I just wanted to qute this bit.

"By the way, "it's still in beta" is no longer a valid excuse. The site is being forced on the userbase now."

It's not a beta if you're forcing us to use it, and that you would consider forcing out when a blog like this exist - about 4 miles of faults - is absurd

expo profile pic Alumni

Again, why to get rid of something that was so nice, friendly, cool and kind of perfect just to have a new one with so many problems? , so risky.

digsy profile pic Alumni
digsy said:

Awesome blog. Laid out all the problems without being bitchy or whiny and really hit the nail on the head with what's seriously wrong with the site at the moment,

I've got one to add in my opinion which is the non-mixing of submission types I.e. you only see one type of challenge submissions at a time. Now admittedly I always wanted this (simply so I could filter out mine craft) but I'd like it to be optional otherwise , with so many challenges going on regular threadless subs really run the risk of getting lost. And yes, this did just happen to me so I may be being personal!

Actually I may be talking crap in that this is an entirely optional thing already - I think I randomly just found the "all" page, I'm not reply certain though. Anyway I still think for whatever reason regular subs are getting lot and ignored amongst the challenge subs but I really don't understand much about how this stuff is working anymore :-s

danrule profile pic Alumni

good points silverqe, though they seem so obvious I'm surprised threadless is doing this.

and like expo says it is risky. both for threadless losing customers and designers

just for me personally the extra work to submit, a degraded experience with forum, comments and scoring feedback and the literally unknown specifics for payment & royalties will stop me from submitting here


Legit critique blog, Alice.

I support threadless in their need for a redesign... But there are definitely some glaring issues that need to be righted before it has the equivalent functionality of the old site, let alone surpassing it.


Speaking of critique blogs... What's going on there? Last I checked, the link to critiques is just threadless asking for feedback. Maybe just get rid of the holding page for now and relaunch it when there's something worth talking about? Seeing a section that's visually still in the extreme early stages of development is kinda sad, and will only serve to confuse the new kids further.

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

Oh man you're so good Alice. Love everything you wrote here!

nathan-hinshaw profile pic Staff

Hey gang, I'm on the Threadless web dev team, we're really interested in what we can do to make the new site as awesome as it can be. If you have recommendations there is the "feedback" link on the side (which we really do check, every day, all the time) and the comments posted there turn into projects.

Alice raises a lot of really good points--that is super detailed list, which is excellent! We are aware of a number of the bugs noted, but having a bunch of people out there using the site and providing feedback helps us prioritize issues that need attention.

On the issue of speed, this is an area where we have been and are going to be spending some serious time. We optimized the "new site" in a few key places, but now that it is serving more users we'll be rolling out optimizations on a daily basis. The next week or so is going to be whirlwind of updates, and your comments do help us focus our attention. There are some areas where the new site out-performs "old threadless" and our goal is to make that the case everywhere.

A couple other quick notes: Broken images: We're doing a broken images audit--we started on Friday night and will be continuing into this coming week. These should be going away on daily basis.

Rollover effects: we hear you, and have a task out there to make them less pervasive.

Comments on designs: We spent a bunch of time on this at the end of last week and comments on designs should now be in a much better place than they were. If you're noticing instances where they aren't, please fire a link to the design or blog from the feedback form and we'll address it.

As we continue to push out improvements to the site that relate to issues raised here, I'm happy to provide updates if that's something that you all would find helpful.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread and others, so if you have comments feel free to post them, and please do use the feedback form if you see bugs, it makes addressing the problems much quicker.


jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

i keep trying to go on on my iPad but it keeps freezing and closing safari ;_;


Thank you for responding, Nathan :) One of the best things about Threadless is how they care about what the community has to say.

nathan-hinshaw profile pic Staff

uglyducknyc: thanks!

Jeffery: we are working to sort that issue out, the mobile / tablet experience for the site is actively being addressed and we should see improvement there very shortly.

Twiggyhall: You are very welcome. We want to make sure that this is a positive experience for everyone. The new site is going to be rapidly evolving, and to that end a lot of the features that people are asking about--especially in the forums are on our list to get out there soon.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

Alice - I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. Die rollovers die.

Two more things that bug me is that critiques are nonexistent at the moment and the patterns competition has disappeared.

I find myself hanging in the blogs way less now since everything takes so many clicks - getting in there, crawling to the end of a thread, figuring out the new code..... I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually and things will improve but at the moment I think of posting something or checking out what's new and give up before even starting.

Nathan, awesome that you guys are listening, and good luck with the craptons of work that still lie ahead!!!

Personally I'm not so bothered with the bugs as with the things that seem to be intended features (no more skinny stats, no comment count, stupid horizontal format, stupid scrolling slides that move before I'm done looking at the image).

In terms of bugs the thing that's ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME is that when I score, after 4-5 pieces the name will change, but the image will not. Or the image changes, but the name is still the name of the previous sub. Or the name changes but the image goes blank. So I have NO FRIGGING IDEA WHAT I'M VOTING ON. Which is really shit. I'm sure that will get ironed out relatively soon but it's really annoying me.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

thanks Nathan. glad to see you guys are actually paying attention to the feedback

briancook profile pic Alumni

I appreciate the update Nathan!

One of my general qualms is that although we can leave feedback, I'm never sure how much is being read - looked at. I've submitted feedback that the "participate" filter in the blogs doesn't work for me since Jake gave us the first look at Beta....As of yesterday it still wasn't working. I totally understand that you guys have a lot on your hands in terms of in no way to I expect a response - but I think there is a general frustrating with submitting feedback about stuff that's legitimately not working, and then not knowing where that feedback goes.

I agree a little bit with the dumbing down comment. For instance I wish that Play~Forum brought us right to the blogs and then we could filter them as wanted. Instead there is the extra page added in where you have to pick what you want, which I don't think is needed...I think simplifying is good, but if we can streamline the navigation a little I would be happy :)

Steve The Great

rollovers are the worst. that was the worst part of the last redesign and now they're doing even more. and they're even more obscure, I have to click like eight time and rollover four things in order to get to the main blog forum. Fuck that, yo.

Steve The Great

And there's STILL no way to get to the last page of a blog easily.

nathan-hinshaw profile pic Staff

Lidija: ha, thanks--there is much to do, but we are excited to get all the new cool stuff in place.

Regarding the bug that you are noticing when you run into the scoring problem would you do us a favor and send feedback (using the feedback tab on the left), that will give the tech team some more info to work with to get that problem resolved quickly.

Jeffery: you're very welcome. We are definitely paying attention and working like crazy to get things in place from top to bottom.

Brian: You're welcome too! One of the things I want to help with is to ensure people are aware of what we are working on and what is coming down the path.

The problem with the participate filter is coming up to be worked on. Now that we have flipped the site over we can attack these bugs more quickly. On the Play ~ Forum issue we have an update to the nav being coded that will help get you into the blog section you want without as many steps--this should help get you towards the streamlined nav you're after.

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